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Likes:Arashi as brother
Bio:never tell

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Bio:im brother of cyril

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stands on the walls of Warfang This maybe relaxing, but I'm so bored! Nothing's happening except just relaxing on the walls, and just hanging out with Seiya (My adoptive dragon son, btw I'm in human form in this roleplay) (Open roleplay by the way)

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((1st Profile))

" you found me. Are you here to judge me like the rest, and finish me off?"

Name: Stallord

Age: 2000 Years

Species: Skeletal Dragon: ((A species that's going extinct.))

Gender: Male

Abilities: Breathing black fire; Being able to fly; Charging at high speeds, and being able to knock down the most heaviest of objects and opponents from the charge. Also, pretending to play dead around certain enemies to have camouflage, due to the fact he is a Skeletal Dragon.

Likes: Trying to make peace with other dragons; Making friends; Not being misunderstood as some evil being; Training dragons; Teaching dragons about the Skeletal Dragon race; Hoping he's not the only remaining Skeletal Dragon out there.

Dislikes: Being caught up in war; Being misunderstood as an evil being; Facing the fact his race is going extinct.

Crush: N/A ((Open))

Personality: Stallord tends to have a very defensive, and cautious personality. That's only because of being betrayed by the other dragons so many times, and nearly being killed by them. It's very rare when others can gain his trust. He doesn't trust other dragons that easily. Trying to befriend him will be rough, and will take a very long time. If you're lucky, he'll befriend you too, and may follow you on adventures if asked.

Theme Song:

Bio: Stallord is the remaining, if not the last of the Skeletal Dragon race. He was an exile out of all the other dragons, as they say his race is nothing more than a "bad omen." They say Skeletal Dragons are evil beings, that care nothing more about killing and destruction. Though, that may be true, not all Skeletal Dragons are like that. Stallord is one of those good dragons. After trying to make peace and befriending some dragons, it did no good. Which led to his kind being attacked and nearly killed to extinction. Now being the only one left, Stallord retreated to the Forgotten Worlds, never to be seen again. Rumors now spread of a dragon that is wise, and powerful, hidden deep within the Forgotten Worlds. One that is the last of his kind.

((Open RP))
Why?....Why is it every time I try to talk to them, they always try to kill me? Deep within the Forgotten Worlds, lays a Skeletal Dragon by the name of Stallord. Just recently, he had tried to talk to some of the native dragons around the place, but he nearly got hurt trying to. Stallord now laid on the ground, thinking to himself. He pondered on what to do, while he hoped that he wasn't followed by anyone to where he now resided at. He's dealt with too many dragons trying to kill him. He didn't want another to have to deal with.

(anyone feeling like role playing) Bout time I take a break from all that titan and slayer stuff. I just want to relax and just lay down lays down on the grass next to the river Seiya's staying at Mira's house (I'll make a profile on her later) for the night so I don't have to worry about a thing but just in case I have my pocket knife with me.

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(Not my oc)

Name: blue

Age: 15 in human years

Powers: shadow, lava and diamond stuff

Best friend: skyla

Crush: unknown

Past life: unknown

Now life: blue has a friend named skyla he is poor like skyla they live in a small box and do quest for the queen at the Dragon village to get coins
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