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The cover  for the book

Cats with pelts like the night sky were gathering in a clearing. Two cats came forward. One was once a silver She-cat. The other was once a jet black tom. 
"Graystar, it is time for a new prophecy" He began. "For a kit that is soon to be born in ThunderClan"
Graystar looked at the tom intently.
"Darkstar, why a prophecy for a kit that is yet to be born in ThunderClan?"
As the she-cat was asking her question, Darkstar was looking into a pool. In that pool,he was looking at a white she-cat laying on a nest of moss in the nursery as she was expecting kits. Then a gray and white tom came into the nursery and he went up to the queen and he gave the queen a big vole and then he padded out of the nursery.
"Because one of Whitefur's kits has a great destiny" He murmured.
"Very well Darkstar" Meowed Graystar. "What is the prophecy?"
Darkstar turned to the other cats of StarClan who were watching.
"Cats of StarClan, do you approve that there is a prophecy?" Meowed Darkstar.
Yowls of approval came from the ranks of the dead warriors.
"This is the prophecy" Began Darkstar.
4 shall grow together
2 will devide
2 Clans will meet for war.
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