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Basilica Cathedral of Cusco
Today, Cusco´s Basilica Cathedral is the main church for the city´s Catholic Faith´s followers. Initially, after the Spanish conquest and several projects for the construction of catholic churches in the city of Cusco, the decision was made to start the construction of the first Cathedral, in the Capital City of the Incan State, in 1539, and it was consecrated under the denomination of “The Sacred Family”. This first church was built on the foundations of the Royal Palace of Inca Wiracocha. As time went by, the original construction had to be extended, and it remained as the auxiliary church of the Cathedral we see nowadays.
Cusco´s great Basilica Cathedral was built between 1560 and 1665, and the architect in charge of the work, initially was Juan Miguel Veramendi who opened the way for others, as the years went by. It was mainly built with stones extracted from the remains of Incan palaces and the Great Ceremonial Complex of Saqsayhuaman.
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