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Feel like a battle? Well, here we go. 
In this battle, you can use your character(s) to battle other beings characters. There are moves you start out with, and with ever 5 battles you win, you gain a new move.
Punch:  Opponent loses 100 health. (Unlimited)
Kick: Opponent loses 100 health (Unlimited)
Dodge: Gain 10 health (Unlimited) 
Air attack: Opponent loses 150 health (Can be used 2 times)
Your character starts out with 500 health, and as you level up, you gain 100 health to your health meter. I will moderate battles as well as other moderators. Play it right and maybe you can become a champion fighter!
How to battle?
Here is an example:
(Sam) //Punch// (HM) 500
(Chase) //Doge// XXGAINS 10 HEALTHX (HM) 410
(Sam) //Kicks// (HM) 500
(Chase) //Air attack// (HM) 310
(Sam) //Punch// (HM) 350 "Nice one..."
(Chase) Thanks. //Air attack// (HM)210
(Sam) Heh. You are out of that move now~ //Air attack// (HM)200
(Chase) 0_0 Uh oh. //Kicks// (HM)60
(Sam) Hah! //Air attack// (HM)100.
(Chase) I'm defeated! :DEFEAT:
-----Sam has won this battle! Congrats. You have gained 1 battle point. 4 more until the next level~ [b][Sam]{Level 1}{Health: 500}][/b]
I the moderator level people up. I will keep tract of everyone's levels. I can only manage oh.... hm- 3 battles? So yeah. That is 6 people who can battle at once. Remember... if you do not play fairly and cheat, i WILL remove you from this society. 

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[//Name] Tone Rai Kan

[//Alias] Mr. Meow

[//Age] 19 

[//Gender] Male

[//Species] Human

[//Crush] None

[//Lover] None

[//Spouse] None

[//Children] None- Though, you can count his gray cat, Solar.

[//Personality] He is extremely caring. His mood always stays upon positive and he rarely frowns. He thinks life is just one big game and he is going to win it one way or another. He loves cats. In fact... he'd marry his cat Solar if he could. Due to his hard past, it's hard to even understand how he can be so happy. If someone stands in his way, battle is the last thing on his mind. If he is pushed down, he'll just stand up and reason. To him, words are more powerful than a blade or bullet. With his strong will, it's hard to defeat him. His human nature does not surpass his generosity, kindness, humor, and loyalty.  Friend to all, Tone is a fantastic being to be around. If you are sad or hurt, he'll always try to cheer you up. Just never touch or hurt his cat, Solar. Then, you will be crossing the line.

[//Likes] Cats, kindness, the color blue, and cake. 

[//Dislikes] Dogs. [Solar once got in a fight with a beagle and it made Tone not like the "Man's best freind" species.] Any form of rudeness. Making people sad/Seeing people sad/ Being hurt. Being negative. 

[//Qualities/Attributes] Some say his smile is so powerful, it can make most people smile as well. His positive nature and happy ways are considered his best qualities. 

[//Special items] Solar. He has a certain bracelet that was given to him by his mother before she was murdered. He wears it every day.

[//Special Skills] Tone is fantastic at cooking. He owns a restaurant near his home and that is where he spends most of his time. He can also read at incredible speeds. He can finish a 300 page book in about an hour. Tone also has the skill to learn things fastly. 

[//Relationships] He has a very strong relationship with Solar.

[//Appearance] Normally, Tone likes to wear his gray jacket. His bracelet is ALWAYS on his left wrist. He often wears just blue jeans and combat boots. [Picture below.]

Hair ~ A little messy, he likes to keep it that way. It's gray/black

-Skin ~ Very tan

-Eyes ~ Bright blue/Cyan

-Other ~  He has a large scar on the side of his chest.

[//Powers] He has high speed and can run faster than a cheetah. It's considered his super-human ability. He is also very strong, though it would not be considered "Super-Human."

[//Place of Dwelling] He lives in the middle of New York on main ST. His restaurant is attached to it, so when he is done with his work he can just go up into his small home.  

[//Family] Solar is the only family he has. Besides his father Though, Tone does not know anything about his dad.

-Father ~ Tone's father left him when he was only 5. Due to this, Tone does not remember him.

-Mother ~ Her name was Adila Tran Kan. She died when she got shot when Tone was just 16.

-Siblings ~ Tone HAD a sister named Kuma Sonai Kan, though she drowned one summer because of Tone. It was an accident, really. 

-Other ~ None

[//Biography] Tone was born into a very poor family. The Kan family lived in New York. Tone's mother, Adila, was a very hard working mother who cared and loved her son more than she loved Tone's father. His father was not kind at all. He'd abuse his family. When Tone was 3, he got a kitten named Solar. To this, he cared for this cat because she was the only being that was on his side. The name Solar came from the sun. The cat gave the young boy a feeling of warmth which in turn he named the cat Solar. One day, when Tone was 5 years old, he fell down the stairs, breaking his arm and leg. His mother tried to tell his father to take him, but the man would not listen and kept saying "Oh, he'll be fine. He'll suck it up." Eventually, Tone's mother kicked the father out of the house and took the child to the hospital. He got treated and was fine. Growing up, life was hard for the two. Tone's mother got very sick, and the sickness lasted for a very long time. When she went in, it turned out she had cancer. After this was said around when Tone was 14, he did most of everything. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, you name it, he'd done it. When Tone turned 16, his mother got kidnapped. The boy did everything he could to find her. Once he found her, she was in the hands of an evil man. Before his mother got killed, Tone tried saving her. Using his skills to bring down the kidnapper. He was not quick enough, sadly. Adila ended up getting shot. This put on a permanent scar to Tone. Growing up with his mother in a restaurant, he gained control of the place and took things in his own hands. Using his skills and ability to better himself and at least make things better. He vowed that he'd win this game of life one way or another, dead or alive with Solar by his side. 

[//Additional information]

[//Weapon//] A longsword he named Getsu. He uses it when in training in his dojo behind his home.

+Dawson Thomas / Quentin Ryloth 
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{{Closed to +Dawson Thomas / Quentin Ryloth }}

Valentine stares at her bat, Ragie for the longest while. He soon feels uncomfortable and looks away. "Ragie." Valentine whispers. "Is everything fine?" Asks the girl as she stands up from her kneeling position. "Oh, yeah." The bat replies giving a small smile. "Are YOU okay? You seem lost." The bat responds, sitting on her shoulder. Valentine closes her eyes. "Just thinking of the past." She responds with a smile. "It'll all be fine!" She nods.

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Ah, Syla, dear! Welcome t-

[Syla] EH! She hides behind her book

What's... wrong?

[Syla] PEOPLE... are... here... She glances at everyone


Syla shakes her head, whispering random words. Her eyes shine a bright yellow as she turns away from everyone, hoping they'd go away

[Syla] I do not do good in society!

[//Name] My name is Saila Yuso Rikamori!

[//Alias] What the heck is that?

[//Age] I am 18. Shut up. I do not act like a child.

[//Gender] FEMALE.

[//Species] I do not know.

[//Crush] Crush? Like pounding someone? How do I crush someone?

[//Lover] Why need one?

[//Spouse] No.

[//Children] Does the spider in my treasure chest count?





[//Special items]

[//Special Skills]



-Hair ~

-Skin ~

-Eyes ~

-Other ~


[//Place of Dwelling]


-Father ~

-Mother ~

-Siblings ~

-Other ~


[//Additional information]

[RP for Dawson and Miss Kitty~]
{{No Specific plot}}
Main characters:
Valentine Dragonheart
Nico Beta

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(I will make a character card for him soon~)

-----Chase Shrander------

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Just making a short character template for a character. If i like this character, i'll go more in depth~
Name: Valentine Dragonheart
Age: 19
Looks: See picture
Race: Vampire Dragon shifter 
Attitude: Highly bipolar/Cocky/Smart ass/ Romantic/Sweet at times/ Humorous/Observant/Wise
Dislikes: The color, blue, ice, dogs, water, staying still, and waiting.
Power: Can control electricity and fire~
Lives: In a the Dragonheart palace in a place called Firetrix.
Pets: A fire dragon named Mimfus and a bat named Ragie
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