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Final details, Event #'s, and Locations for all FTDM events (Open Play and Tournament of Champions), including the Medals of Honor to be awarded to the winning team of the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch tournament have been revealed!

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An unholy display of savagery and barbarism awaits! The arena of Pac-Man , a realm of unceasing hunger plagued by the tormented spirits of the fallen, has been deemed worthy of a Fourthcore Team Deathmatch!

Watch our LIVE STREAMING GAME on this TwitchTV link, Saturday March 23rd 12:00pm (noon) Eastern Standard Time as the forces of Dr. Wily battle against classic monsters of the silver screen!

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It's official: starting today, Fourthcore Team Deathmatch supports any and all Races available to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

Break out the Bugbears.

So because that Darkspiral Aura thing was really annoying during the match Friday, I went and looked it up.  Yeah, it was being used very wrong.  The weaken effect should have only triggered when the Darkspiral aura damage is greater than 12, and as an interrupt only 1/round,  Not when another player deals more than 12 damage to you.

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A new match is recruiting!

I don't know how to make it post both publicly and to this Community..... so go find it by clicking on this profile:

Good game tonight gang! Pleasure fighting alongside/against you all.

Pixies riding/standing on top of flying/floating conjurations/flying companions.

Is this allowed? I can easily see this breaking the game if permitted, maximize your attack range (greatbow, arc lightning + distant implement, whatever), vertically double run fly out of range of all enemy attacks, bombard from above, win without any risk whatsoever except from those (very) few chars with equivalent range. Most maps have no defined ceiling.
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