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See rare pictures of Griffith Park including a rendering of the observatory decades before it was built. My below article deals with the Los Feliz Curse, a famous Los Angeles myth. It then traces the ranch through Lucky Baldwin's brother to Griffith J. Griffith complete with pictures of the Arcadia Hotel where he poked out his wife's eye on the roof, the Ostrich Ranch (not Rhemus Helms') that was in the park late 19th Century, and many early pictures of the park and observatory. Enjoy!


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Want to learn more about northern California history? Check interview to the great, great grandaughter of General Vallejo. #kristianmedinadocumentary #northerncalifornia #vallejo #california #spanishistory

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There's Hollywood between 1903-1908. I don't think anybody else has that image. The below link will also show you some images of residential Wilshire Boulevard and Chester Place, the first gated community in Los Angeles. These are also from my expansive collection.

If you have any questions about Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley history please feel free to ask. It's been my study for about 40 years now.

Besides the below blog I also have one at which is a cruder WordPress format.

I leave the group with thoughts of Isaias Hellman, Lucky Baldwin, Governor Pio Pico, the Bank of Italy, Mr. Stanford, and William R.

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From #SJSU Special Collections

We are featuring Nick Taylor, Professor of English, who will talk about his recent fictional work, Father Junípero’s Confessor, by Heyday Press, 2013. A book signing will follow is talk.
Location: San Jose State University, Martin Luther King Jr Library - 5th Floor, Special Collections, Schiro Room, 7-9 PM

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For the 10th anniversary of the MLK Jr. Library, #SJPL  will be opening a time capsule that was placed in 1970. While perhaps a little early - it only being 43 years - it will be interesting to see what will emerge out of it.
MLK Library Time Capsule - After 43 years, time capsule meets end of journey through time—and between libraries

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Come to the San Jose Public Library ( #SJPL  ), Wednesday September 4th to "Meet the Author" of California Apricots: The Lost Orchards of Silicon Valley, Robin Chapman. Filled with lots of pictures and small anecdotes, Chapman brings the valley of her childhood to life.

From the cover:
"Picked warm from a tree, a California apricot opens into halves as easily as if it came with a dotted line down its center....In these pages, Robin Chapman recalls the season when the Santa Clara Valley was the largest apricot producer in the world and recounts the stories of Silicon Valley's now lost orchards."

Program begins at 7pm in the Schiro Room, 5th Floor of the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose. Admission is free. Seating is limited so arrive a little early. 

#CAhistory   #SiliconValley   #SanJose

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In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage
Month, SJSU’s own #Akbayan, a Pilipino-American organization, will be performing Pilipino folk dances. Experience the
beauty and artistry of these cultural performances!

Location: King Library 225/229
Date: Monday, May 13, 2013
Time: 4:00 pm

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Just one great map in a broad collection, even for California.
This is absolutely incredible. High resolution (one foot) aerial photographs of San Francisco from 1937-38, stitched together and displayed in a Google Maps satellite-view-esque interface.

It's like time travelling. I can't stop scrolling around.

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