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The Grand Theater
Back in 2010, I had the wonderful pleasure of investigating The Grand Theater in East Greenville, PA ( Built in 1924 and restored in 2004-2005, the theater is still up and running. Up by the stage, you'll find a 2-manual, 6-rank Marr and Colton theater organ that is purportedly haunted.

Check out one of the more interesting sets of pictures I captured during my night at the theater. If you look where the brown meets the white part of the wall, you'll see what looks like a human figure sitting on the edge of that decorative mantle.

Any ideas what it is?

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A More Open Community
This community was created with the hope that, by requiring approval to join, we could ensure quality content. We now realize that we can moderate content while still making it as easy as possible to join.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the approval requirement for Communities.

Instead, we want to gradually transition to a no-approval-required community, which you can find below. Same name, same everything, just open to everyone. To help avoid confusion, we've re-named this community to Haunted Bucks County (closed) so that you can tell the difference.

Don't worry - we won't be deleting anything! But you are welcome to re-post your content at the new community. That's where we will be posting our content from now on.

We invite all our current members to move on over to the open version of this community, and hopefully we can attract even more quality members like yourselves.

P.S. Thanks for bearing with us while we get the hang of this Community thing.

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The Ghost Box
Thanks again to +James Rosier. I personally am skeptical of the ghost box, but I am also just starting to learn about this tool of the trade. And I have to admit... with enough coincidences, it becomes quite interesting.

What do you think about the ghost box? Are you a believer or a skeptic?

#ghostbox   #itc   #spiritbox

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Thanks +James Rosier for posting this video. Can anyone explain how a "ghost box" works? And what do you think of this kind of evidence?

Would you buy a haunted house?
I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I turned on the radio and heard a discussion about haunted houses. The two hosts were debating whether they would buy a house where a violent death had taken place. Their guest was a realtor who believed she had a duty to disclose if a house was believed to be haunted. It was a very entertaining discussion!

Would you move into a house that somebody had died in? That was believed to be haunted?

Personally, I might be more eager to move in to a haunted house, but that's just me.

#hauntedhouse   #hauntedplaces   #ghoststories

I gotta say, having a 5-month-old is cool, but baby monitors have always been a little creepy to me. The monitor my wife and I use is sound-activated, so it turns on a couple times before the baby really settles down for the night. We're used to all the little shuffles and breaths we hear as our baby gradually descends into a deeper sleep state. Last week, we were sitting in the TV room with the monitor, which had been silent for a little while. We had pretty much zoned out from the long day. Then suddenly, we heard three strong, breathy huh huh huh's come over the monitor. It sounded vaguely like an ominous laugh... and nothing remotely like any of the random, chaotic sounds our baby makes. It was rhythmic, it had order.

My wife looked at the monitor and said, "What was that?!" I said I didn't know, but that it was probably the baby... not because I thought it sounded like the baby, but because I didn't want my wife to be scared. So I went upstairs to the baby room. The door creaked as I opened it, as it always does. And the baby didn't move a muscle. She was deep in sleep. None of those little micro movements we see earlier in the night. She was like a log.

Satisfied that the baby was ok, I went back downstairs. Still, it seemed odd that the baby was in such a deep state of sleep, and seems to have been for some time by the preceding silence of the monitor, yet we heard such a pronounced sound from inside her room.

This didn't help make me any less creeped out by baby monitors.

We also heard heavy footsteps that night. Usually, I don't say anything about little noises until I'm sure I heard something, and often not until I've already investigated and come up with an explanation. But my wife was the first to say, "That sounded like footsteps..." So again, I looked around the house and outside. I saw a car up the street, and I told my wife that it was probably just some people opening and closing the car doors. But I knew that the sound we heard did not correspond to the sound of car doors. It sounded like footsteps.

It was a weird night, and pretty unusual for us to experience anything like that. I don't know if it was paranormal, but who does ever know that kind of thing. For now, I'll just keep paying attention and taking note of these experiences. Maybe some patterns will emerge, who knows.

#ghoststories   #hauntedhouse   #paranormal   #experience  

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Dreams, or Premonitions?
My mother used to have dreams that people would die, and then they would. They weren't always about death. Sometimes, they were very specific dreams about mundane things she later learned were actual events. But dreaming about people dying is what made her pray that these dreams would stop. And they did, for a while. Until about three years ago, when she had one last death dream. Sure enough, my mother awoke to learn that her dream had been correct.

I did not seem to inherit those kinds of experiences from my mother. But, I had a dream a few nights ago that Hilary Clinton died unexpectedly - completely random, for a person like me who rarely dreams, and certainly never about politicians. A few days later, I read the news that Hilary Clinton has a blood clot complication from a concussion.

I wish her well.

Twisted Fabric of Time
Ever wonder why some ghosts seem to replay past events? Ever wonder why ghosts linger in places where they experienced trauma? Why they don't linger somewhere pleasant, if they're going to linger?

Ever wonder if maybe ghosts mark intersections in the fabric of time? That maybe, once in a while, time bends in on itself, and the past, present, and future are, briefly, able to observe each other?

Maybe ghosts are intersections of time.
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