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Wardrobe styling at its best, book your appointment today! From fashion shows, personal shopping, visual merchandising, photo shoots and video shoots. No job is too small :-)


Be Great today Friends. 

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Playboy Hugh Hefner Porn And Fashion Show Sex On The Beach Expo 2012 Day 2 (Fly Affair Nation)

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[Watch in HD]
OTC: Nice & Chip Jagger Live at King Of Diamonds 

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Gucci Maine N Dj Drama (Full Performance) Sex On The Beach Day 3 2012 (Fly Affair Nation)

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Fly Affair Nation presents The Life
This is the day and the life of Fly Affair Nation along with super models, artists such as @i_amdimepiece, Danglez Versatile, Breeziano, Koolie Koo Koo, Ro of Nasty Money, and many more.

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Directed & Edited By: Jabian "Breeziano" Sutherland
Directed By: Danglez Versatile

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MMG MEEK MILL (Full Performance) Sex On The Beach Expo 2012 Day 1 (Fly Affair Nation)

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FanAmerica by: Fly Affair Fashion Boutique
Director: Jabian Sutherland 
Director: Danglez Versatile 
Model: Lec'zere St.clouw

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It was such a pleasure working with these models who made this concept come to life. There was nothing "erotic" or "raunchy" about this shoot. All elements of art and photography were combined to make this as memorable as possible. Being comfortable in your skin in any setting or environment along with a professional photographer was something we wanted these models to take full advatage of. Anytime the opportunity is given for us to promote our brand, we make sure that promo is also extended to the indiviual models. #4giveMySkin was the shoot of the year for #FAN. Models of different ethnicities came together to paint a beautiful collage of skin. Enjoy!


Producer: Koolie Koo Koo


Photographer: Kareen Robinson (KOR/#FAN)

Models: Annie B., Jeanette H., Jeanette L., Chloe S., Anderson V.
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