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Stop please, I don't know anything about cyber. But I am a disability in brain ( not mad major depression disorder) Google spending billions in privacy but I am in fear of dealing with machine. Hangout? I did but with who? Google sent SMS verification using local Malaysia hand phone number? Who am I hangout in SMS? *128#, *112# 2000? My emergency call for ambulance.... message "the number you dial are incomplete?'

Who is Jarret? And Carl? From where? Please identity yourself country developer partner YouTube map or satellite? Where is representative from Asus and huawei?

Why can't create post in public? Driving me mad as my government authority to do so...

Who am I dealing with this time?

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It's raining THREES!!!

Golden state is the 5th seed in the West. 19-10 #playoffsherewecome  
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