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I just hate Animals being abused!. There are two ladie's in the home where i am.(1) is 90 the other is 106. too just see them think if they were Animals you would put them down!. I'm sorry but i would'nt want too be like them!. I would want to be put out of my😥😧

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    To answer your question in more depth, about the Smothers Brothers, I referred to Wikipedia, ( ) and added a comment that I had always heard.
     The Smothers Brothers are Thomas ("Tom" – born February 2, 1937) and Richard ("Dick" – born November 20, 1938), American singers, musicians, and comedians.
     The brothers' trademark double act was performing folk songs (Tommy on acoustic guitar, Dick on string bass), which usually led to arguments between the siblings. Tommy's signature line was, "Mom always liked you best!" Tommy (the elder of the two) acted "slow", and Dick, the straight man, acted "superior".
    In the 1960s, the brothers frequently appeared on television variety shows and issued several popular record albums of their stage performances.
    Their own television variety show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, became one of the most controversial American TV programs of the Vietnam War era.
     Despite popular success, the brothers' penchant for material that was critical of the political mainstream and sympathetic to the emerging counterculture led to their firing by the CBS network in 1969.
     ( Personally, I had always heard that they were fired for saying the word ’pregnant’ on national tv. And that was not socially acceptable in those days)
     One show was left unaired.[1]
     The brothers continued to work, both independently and as a team, on stage and television, and in films during subsequent decades.
      I hope this answers your question.

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UB40!, Red Red Wine!.
What are you listening to today? What's on right now?

I'm in Indianapolis for the next ten days for a busy Home & Garden show. I could probably put on any Bowie pre-80s right now and be in heaven. But work beckons!

#musiclovers   #bowie   #musicplayingrightnow   #dj   #ipod   #turntable  

via/ P.

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Ok talk!.But what about?,Music, hobbies!.
I'm EDD ..I'm kinda lonely right now wanna talk to someone anybody!😫

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Isle-Of-Wight Radio!.
What Are Your Favourite Radio Stations All Over The World?

I was driving home from work tonight, flipping the dial, when I came across 98.9 The Bear - Fort Wayne's ROCK Station on the dial. It was so cool! I'm not sure I discovered it before, but it got me thinking: there are some AMAZING radio stations all over the world that play incredibly diverse music, and then it made me think of this station up in Toronto, Canada, that caught my ears also (102.1 The Edge).

What are your favourite RADIO stations? Let us know who you think the cool cats are, even if it their effective radiated power is less than 100 watts (or even ten!)

Let us know how cool they are, if we can stream them online, and what makes them stand out in your mind. I'm reminded of that small station in Grosse Pointe Blank and how fun that looked. That is EXACTLY what I always wanted for +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS -- the ability to do LIVE broadcasts, and connect with our fans in real time, and in real ways. I still have that dream -- i still want to see WFNS "Go Live" at some point, and eventually bring in a worldwide audience.

But now, let's talk about those radio stations you already think are cool!

#radio   #radiostation   #collegeradio   #broadcasting   #liveradio   #fridaynightsessions  

via/ Goshen College’s radio station, 91.1 FM The Globe (WGCS)

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Mark Louis Hudson
How are you today?! I hope your not feeling like i am?!😧 I've just two members of my family on my late father's side!. "shit". I hope God will look after them?!. Good

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Who the hell were the Smothers Brothers?!.Never heard of them got to be American?😕

The Who on 'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour' LIve

This is a HEADS-UP to all our +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS music fans. Tonight, it's all about explosions, smashed up instruments, craziness on stage, and the unexpected. I'm talking of course about LIVE SHOWS.

Listverse shows what I'm talking about with this legendary live performance from 1967. You have to see it to understand, but let's say you come in around the 7 minute mark: you'll get it.

Now, I never plan out any videos in advance, but if you want to post some legendary live show requests here (with a link), I'll work them into the show later on tonight...

#FNS   #fridaynightsessions   #thewho   #liveconcert   #music   #musicvideo   #musiclover   #rockconcert  

The Who rose to fame with a pioneering instrument destruction stage show. One infamous performance occurred on television in 1967. The drummer, Keith Moon, overloaded his bass drum with explosives which were detonated during the finale of “My Generation.” As a result, guest Bette Davsis fainted, guitarist Pete Townshend’s hair was set on fire, and there is a legend that he received permanent damage to his hearing.

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