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Augmented Reality Campaign

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The "Learn to Earn” global education scholarship to expand beyond #Bitcoin to include #Litecoin and #Ethereum, starting with Immersive Italy and 7th European Immersive Education Summit (EiED 2017). Established in 2014 by the non-profit Immersive Education​ Initiative, scholarships are allocated under 2 categories:

1) Professional Development: Funding for #teachers, #students and budding young #entrepreneurs to attend educational conferences, receive training and certification on #immersive technologies for education, and enroll in camps, clubs and classes that they could not afford otherwise.

2) Intellectual Enrichment: Rewards learners of all ages who complete intellectually challenging tasks using #educational software as well as using commercial video games and software products that, while not specifically designed for educational purposes, support intellectually challenging and enriching activities (such as Minecraft, Portal, LittleBigPlanet, Civilization, Google Earth & Sky, Scribblenauts).

For details visit:

#EdTech #VR #ImmersiveEducation #ImmersiveLearning #Education

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Kia ora, I am soon starting a unit of Hurricanes and am wondering if there are any good sites for Hurricanes with 360 fly throughs or could be used with google cardboard. I have had a search but no luck.

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How is it? Watch till the end

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Please share your ideas on this. My team has developed it.
3D Coloring Alive is Augmented Reality app that allow kids to color the print and when it will be scanned the character will come to life.

Download Link:--

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Students in #Colorado scanning 3D humans & objects for the#VirtualReality version of historic Bent’s Old Fort ( #Immersive Bent’s Old Fort (and history curricula & teaching materials) will be freely available as an official Immersive Education culture & history project in collaboration with the USA Department of the Interior National Park Service, City of La Junta, Colorado, Otero Junior College and Colorado’s East Otero School District R-1

For details visit or visit the homepage of the #ImmersiveEducation Initiative at for an overview of other Immersive Education projects and activities.

#Education #ImmersiveLearning #VR #EdTech #Immersion
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It’s Official! #IMMERSIVE ‪#ITALY‬ 2017 and 7th European #ImmersiveEducation Summit (EiED 2017) will be in Lucca with special events at Leaning Tower of Pisa​ this November, featuring #VirtualReality, #AugmentedReality, learning games, 3D Printing & more. Speakers have included United Nations, #NASA, #Harvard, #Smithsonian, #MIT, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Intel, United States Department of the Interior (DOI) National Park Service, #Stanford, USC, UCLA, and other world-class organizations and academic institutions.

For details visit

#ImmersiveLearning #VR #EdTech #Immersion #i2017 #3DPrinting

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Coolest new thing I saw at PAX south while I was there! Holograms in your hands! Using the merge vr headset and a holo cube they used augmented reality to make the hologram interactive with the real world around you! Play minecraft, pac man, shoot off fireworks and more!
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