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That's a nice meme.

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Do you smell that?..
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Kids Next Door was my shit back in the day.

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Liek an subskrieb

Hey what's up guys. It's ya boi, back at it again. Today I'm giving you all a much needed update. In the past months proceeding this one, I have been quite lost with what I want to strive forward with. I figure now I am much more situated, and in a better state in life than before. I plan on continuing with this community, however doing things differently. I'll be adding new touchups here and there. Hopefully, this community will bloom, and we'll all have a fun time together. 

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First Aid pack

1. Wherever you struggle in life remember you are not alone.
2. Stuggle and challenges are a purification which prepares you for something.
3. I pray for everyone of you to stand firm in challenges.
4. Focus on God and soon your life will be different.
5. Leave people who are not good for you behind.
6. Start a new life today.
7. Give your life to Jesus leave the old life behind.
8. Confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior, after you are born-again!

Bible Verse
But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God,
John 1:12 ESV

Everyone can use the following Prayer

I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and my personal Savior. From today I call myself a child of God.

My prayer for You
All your sins are forgiven, pay attention on your path, we pray for your guidance and a fulfilled life.

In Jesus Name

More about Jesus

Get your Bible App by download it now for your mobile device.

I also offer my personal support for your circumstances don't hesitate to write me.

-- S.n. Greg Zaw

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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

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I honestly can't think of any controversial topics to leech off of right now, so I'm just gonna give a shitty kind of update. Oh, and if any of y'all wanna post anything yourselves, or have suggestions for me, I'll consider that shit. I come here in this bitch to vent, it's actually quite therapeutic. Or depressing, I don't know.
But, also in the news! That mask should be here by next week, so I'm in a semi excited state at the moment. Like the bullshit I spewed before, I'll have a lot more shit to do with that mask. I hope y'all will enjoy the future, possibly shittyer, content I'll provide.
For a long time I've always wanted to make hilarious, and ironic, videos on YouTube. But, recently with it being on Hillary's level of corruption, I've been trying to find ways of making videos on some other platform. No success whatsoever. Also, I don't have the proper equipment to begin with. But, hopefully someday I'll get there. Also, I'll be gone for long periods away from this cancerous website, sadly. And in life news, I'm self proclaimed depressed as of now. School is a living hell, and I can't stand having to go back every day. I need my damn sleep, y'all.
Well, that may have been the longest post I've ever dedicated time to. I hope this will clear up my fave as fuck posts. One day, things will be better. So this is your host, Dorito-Deathstroke, goodnight.

Oh goody, I'm a mod. All seriousness though, thanks, and ill try to post as much as I can

Hey, what's up guys, Deathstroke here. Now today we've got some fantastic news. I may have to do a double upload.
Greetings and salutations 'I Want To Die' nation. It's your host, Dorito-Deathstroke. Today we have an announcement. I've recently ordered a Deathstroke mask. Therefore, I can be a pussy and hide my fucked face like Leaf-tard. Getting this mask is a big step in a direction, it could be good or bad. But, I'll be able to do some retarded shit in real life, and not have to show my face. So, when I get that mask, I'll be able to do some dank shit. This has been ya boi, skinny penis. Have a great time!
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