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Cuz is aint gone work

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Panda (aint this fun have a fun time wit yo siblings)

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My name is jet i can catch yo ass witta fuckin net if u wnna fight comon lets go where yo ugly ass at i aint got no time 4yo ugly ass nigga ill bring a gun to a fists fight bitch den ill pull da trigga i be makin money n em millions,kazillions,billions,trillions,n em zillions.(lol zillions aint even a fucking word at all yall hatas out der is gettin yall fellings hurt nigga i already know ive been rappin for a long ass time why yall hatas snitchin i havent even commited a fucking crime. (I guess its time end is freestyle niggar wait b4 i go im gonna go getta snickers bar´╗┐
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