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Is this community still alive? Where did all my fellow Haskellers go? :(

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I'd like to propose the following as the new Chicago Haskell logo. The old Chiλ logo is a bit misleading as it makes you think 'chi lambda' instead of 'Chicago Haskell'. Any objections?

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Next Chicago Haskell meeting. Wednesday, Oct 21, 6PM @ Pivotal Labs. Presentation on Servant.

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Cross-posted with Evan Cofsky's going to be presenting at Avant HQ (640 N. LaSalle) about Snap, REST, and append-only data  stores.

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Slides from +Michael Church 's "How to Sell Excellence" presentation.

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Slides from +Matthew Wraith 's "Software Transactional Memory" presentation.

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Cross-posted with Chicago Haskell meetup on March 19, 2015. Most likely location will be in River North, but that's pending some details I'll be working out over the next few days. Suggestions on speakers + topics are welcome!

Hi All. I'm new to the area and have been using Haskell casually for about a year, although my company is definitely interested in looking into it for next-generation ML/data science architecture (especially when we have to go distributed and are beyond what R can handle). Anyway, I'd like to arrange a Meetup of sorts (even if it's just a pub night, or an informal hackathon) on March 19.

-Michael O. Church
@michaelochurch on Twitter on Gmail

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