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*Your name is the Undertale fandom and filled with DETERMINATION

Your a NEW fandom to the world and frankly quite POPULAR right now and filled with DETERMINATION, you are cousin of the HOMESTUCK fandom you enjoy having TEA and BUTTERSCOTCH PIE and long with other sweet treats like SPIDER DONUT.
you live ALONE but for good reasons since you live in a MOUNTAIN and the UNDERGROUND, strange place for a fandom to live but hey home sweet home.
you have three personalities which is GENOCIDE, PACIFST, and NEUTRAL.
just don't get on their bad side or you're gonna have a BAD TIME.
You use MAGIC for fighting such as FIRE MAGIC and SPEARS but rarely use the TRIDENT Lets not forget about your TELEKINESIS in your "magic eyes" and of course BONES.
You spend most of your time DRAWING or watching ANIME which is kinda sad but it's your life.
Your pesterchum name is "TimaeusGeneticist (TG)" and You text like *this in darkened words
What will you do next?

TG: *hey guys this is Undertale, you can ask questions about me or my game
TG: *and try not to use um...
TG: *NSFW things if you know what i mean
TG: *i look forward answering all of your questions!

Hey guys i have a question- Where is the blue slot in the True Laboratory?

Can I make the community Photo? 


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