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The University of Northern Iowa is pleased to announced that we will once
again be offering our online course "An Introduction to Programming using
Scratch" during the summer of 2017. This course has been taught to
approximately 150 participants EACH of the last three summers.

The course will run from June 5 - July 14 and will require a TOTAL
commitment of approximately 20-25 hours. The pace of the course is up to
the participants who may start and end at their convenience at any time
during the course offering - so long as the course is completed by July
14th. The course assumes no prior programming experience and will include
material on teaching Scratch for Logo, storytelling, text interaction, and
game playing, as well as coverage of some advanced topics. Each of the
six units is a blend of 60-90 minutes of lecture videos (roughly 5 minutes
each), hands on guided activities, and independent programming

Participants may complete the course for personal interest FREE of charge.
Participants interested in earning 1 hour of graduate workshop credit
(suitable for license renewal in the state of Iowa) have the OPTION of
doing so for a fee of $100 billed by the University of Northern Iowa.

Further details and the registration form are available at:

Please feel free to contact Ben Schafer at with
questions or additional information.

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Want to connect your Raspberry Pi to Scratch 2.0 online? How about your Arduino or BeagleBone Black? How about all 3 at the same time and have Scratch provide communications between the boards?

Xi4S allows up to 10 board to be connected simultaneously to Scratch.
You can download the code here:

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Been a bit busy recently, but wanted to share this: I've created a complete 8 lesson course to teach students how to make a platform game. I hope you all enjoy.

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I have published (self-publishing) a little book titled Cronache da Scratch, (Chronicles from Scratch) that I wrote together with +raffaella micheli 
The book contains seven short funny stories about Scratch world as seen by the sprite's side. It tells stories of how sprites live inside Scratch cloud, what they feel about coders, and how they relate with code applied to them. So, a funny way to talk about Scratch, coding and creative computing

Currently the book is in italian only, and can be bought online here:

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UK take on teaching coding in school.

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For those of you who will be attending Scratch@MIT 2014 this week and who may be interested in Scratch's music capabilities, my Music colleague Gena Greher and I will be leading a workshop on Thursday morning entitled "Scratch and Middle School Music."  You can view the handout for our workshop at

The examples presented in the handout can all be found at

So even if you can't attend our workshop, you can still benefit from our work.

Jesse Heines

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A late Scratch Day in South Korea~   Jun 28.
About 200 students, 26 teachers and 100 parents participated in this event.
We will prepare next Creative Computing Day in autumn.

Movie clip : 2014 Spring Scratch Day in Korea

Anyone can provide me with a scratch curriculum or activity list for grade 4 and 5 ?

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Next week I am having a showcase(MES Game On! Arcade) in my lab for parents & students. My 5th grader's scratch games are going to be on 1/2 of computers and 4th grader's About Me projects will be displayed on the other half.  I have one computer that will be a workstation for all who want to contribute to large collaborative project and  on my smartboard I will be displaying this project that I made with a few fellow teachers and administrators in my school.  

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This is an inspiring talk given by Mae Jemison in 2002 -
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