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Bienvenidos todos los nuevos. Recuerden presentarse segun las reglas de la comunidad. También pongan atención a que ésta es una comunidad pública en el caso de compartir datos personales y/o del juego (como operaciones o proyectos). Saludos a todos y liberen al Kraken!

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A couple of questions came up while I was away in Europe that I said I would clarify in a public post.

1) One account per Agent. That doesn't mean you can play your friends account if they aren't logged in. No, you cannot create multiple accounts even if you play them one at a time either. Just create one account and only ever play that one account.

2) Mass reporting isn't really a thing. It's more like the boogeyman. It isn't real but still people claim it is. +NIA Ops doesn't adjudicate and pass judgement based only on the sheer volume of complaints. That would be the world's worst system and there would probably be no on playing because we would all be banned.

Have any other questions? Maybe I'll start an "Ask The GCM Monday" or something thread every week.

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As mentioned awhile back, we are committed to limiting the impact of third-party seller networks in Ingress. We will now be removing items from the game that were purchased from these unauthorized sellers. This means that any items illegitimately obtained through third-party websites or services will disappear from inventories - even if these items were passed to other players unknowingly.

Illegitimate items that are in a legitimate capsule will be removed from the capsule. Legitimate items in illegitimate capsules will be emptied from the capsule and then the capsule will be deleted. We appreciate your cooperation and continued support of our efforts to keep Ingress fair and fun for all Agents.

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments and we will do our best to try to answer as many as we can.

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Buenas Noches,
Les quiero compartir la siguiente información de un agente de nuestra comunidad que fue baneado dos veces y ahora creó una cuenta en la facción Iluminada, la razón de compartirla es porque sabemos que participó en operaciones con agentes de otros países que probablemente no tengan conocimiento que ya no hace parte de La Resistencia y ahora pertenece a la facción contraria.

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Buenas noticias para muchos y malas para muchos otros. Sigan el TOS al pié de la letra y todo estará bien.

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The Healing Power of #Ingress!

It's been 18 months and two days since I was first introduced to the game of Ingress. In that time, I have had 4 major surgeries, 21 rounds of chemo, 28 rounds of radiation, a thousand scans and tests and way too many drugs pumped into me. All of that was because I had breast cancer. But I have also walked over 2000 km, been to every Gulf Island, climbed five mountains, explored three provinces, and made hundreds of friends. All of THAT was because of Ingress.

Today I hit Level 16, which is the top level of Ingress!! My two favourite people joined me for our weekly walk, and we had cake 🍰. I can't tell you how loved I have been through this entire time.

I'm now cancer free, and I attribute a lot of that to the game of Ingress and the community that has surrounded me. Every day I had a reason to get out of bed, and every day I walked at the very least to the portal down the road from my house. On some days I put in 15-20 km. I have learned more about people, technology, friendships and gaming than I ever thought I would. I have met people that are completely different from anyone I've ever met. I have learned that sometimes the people you THOUGHT were your friends are actually petty and shallow compared to the random misfits that hold your hand through the tough times. And mostly, I've felt loved.

Thank you #Niantic for getting gamers off the couch. Thank you +3101010 for the cake. And the walks. And the hugs. And the laughs.


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On the Nature of XM Simulacra

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright commented on a thread made on November 21, 2016 on the questions posed by Japanese Investigator +MailEater regarding XM Simulacra. Towards the end of his response, he wrote: “As I said, additional scholarship and understanding are necessary.”

I’m no scholar by any stretch but I figured I’d take a crack at coming up with the most comprehensive guide to XM Simulacra to date. This guide will populate and coalesce as much documentation that exists within our Investigation on this mysterious and unique phenomenon.

I will be providing sources of everything I have gathered to create this at the end of this post. Please read through them carefully. If there is anything I have forgotten to add, please let me know.

All images are provided to me by Investigator +Achim S. and I would like to thank him for his support.

To try to explain Simulacra, I think it might be wise to start with who-or what-uses them. We've only really seen Simulacra and the process to create them used in only two groups in our Investigation, although the possibility of others having done so could be true:

13MAGNUS and the Anti-MAGNUS. These two societies have seemingly existed throughout history, with 13MAGNUS being referenced by +Hank Johnson in his graduate days as a "ancient or Medieval style secret society that has never been proven but has been the subject of speculation for many centuries across multiple cultures a series of names." {1}

Zeke Calvin would go even deeper, stating that the society was hidden "within multiple societies' and that it had been 'splintered and reformed throughout the course of human history under different names and guises.' {2}

13MAGNUS was charged with the knowledge of what Dr. +Martin Schubert called an 'ancient algorithm that enables them, at will, to calculate the correct Shaper Glyphs, the necessary Portal and the amount of Exotic Matter enable resurrection." (3}

Of course, what we now know is that the 13MAGNUS ritual can resurrect someone but not in their original form.

It's never been directly stated whether the Anti-MAGNUS engages in Simulacra creation. It's possible that Jahan, the current generation Anti-MAGNUS leader, could have known Hank in one of his previous cycles as a Simulacrum. {4}

So, we know what groups use Simulacra. But then, the question is raised: how are they made?

Well, it seems that there are various things needed to create a Simulacrum.

The first is what's known as a 'MAGNUS" or "Nest" Portal. These are portals but they seemingly are used solely as the centerpiece of the creation process. These Portals seem to be ancient, such as the Nest Portal in Afghanistan used by 13MAGNUS and was the place where Hank was converted into a simulacrum.(See first Origins comic image.)

Another unique trait of a Nest is that it can be used as a doorway into the dimension of the N'zeer and, possibly, the Shapers. Jahan tried to use the Afghan Nest to do this and failed.{5} She then tried again by using the Nest within the ruins of the city of Persepolis. {6}

Now, up until a certain point I believed that Nests were much like regular Portals, mostly man made but could be mostly found in the natural world, like going outside. But the Abbadon Anomalies changed that and introduced something completely new:

The Advanced Biological Augmentation Dimensional Node, aka ABADN-A high tech reconstruction of a Magnus Nest. {7} Dr. Zeke Calvin crafted this and put it under the Niantic facility and turned all the Researchers along with himself into Simulacra. It seem that he was a member of the Anti-MAGNUS and did this to further their cause.

Basically, Nests can be produced through natural means or through technological means.

The second, potentially, may be Dark XM or Chaotic Matter in some form. Hank had spoken in this video available on the Ingress Report about Dark XM: "I think Dark XM may have been used in the process through which I was able to live on even after I was shot and killed in Afghanistan." {8}

To further this belief are three things: First, a post by Hank about what he thinks happened to him regarding his revival: "Azmati knew more about 13MAGNUS than he told me...By dragging me into the inner sanctum and activating the Dark XM objects there, he saved me, in the best way that he could." {9}

The second and third points that could prove it are pages from the comic book Ingress: Origins, made by +Tycho C. The pages in question are the ones I have included in the album seen below. In the second image, we see what could be Yuen Ni being led into a secret facility owned by +Hulong Transglobal and being told that it was Oliver's idea to subject humans to Dark XM, possibly to study its effects. The following section of pages seemingly depicts a confrontation between +Devra Bogdanovich and +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe Devra asks how much Dark XM, not regular XM, is in the facility. OLW responds by revealing that there wasn't enough Dark XM in the Niantic labs and that he was going to increase the Chaotic flow from the Portal within the lab.

It's not the first time we've been introduced into the idea that Chaotic and Exotic Matter could be used in conjunction with one another. Lynton-Wolfe tried to use his Dark XM weapon on +Roland Jarvis in Oct. 2013, which set off the 13MAGNUS anomalies and brought about Jarvis' revival from the Portals.

In a more recent discovery, a page from the story "The Thief" regarding Jahan's watch of Guzman's palace during Abbadon revealed that Primal Artifacts needed either "XM or Chaotic Matter or some precise mix of the two" and that when that potential fusion occurred, the Artifact-when activated-became "a key opening gateways to numerous other dimensions......a weapon of unparalleled power...a transporter of consciousness, and perhaps more." {10}

Now, the third and most critical thing needed to create a simulacrum is..death. The person meant to become a simulacrum must die near a Nest Portal.

For Hank, who remains the pinnacle example and showcase of the simulacrum process, we learned that he had actually been shot and killed in Afghanistan on a mission for +IQTech Research. Linked further in the Sources section of this post is the Nominus screenplay which details Hank's final moments. {11} And in the album included is a page from Ingress: Origins as well.

So, having known who uses Simulacra and how they're made, the next question could be: Why? What does one gain from being a Simulacrum?

First, it seems that being a Simulacrum can grant someone a type of Immortality. +Edgar Allan Wright spoke on Nov. 24, 2016: "It seems that simulacrum can take damage, but as they are transdimensional entities, the damage 'syncs' to prime form over time. I point to Jarvis' body after the Zurich Train Station, but I am speculating here. Am open to other theories."

Due to this, it's possible that a simulacrum can be harmed but not fatally.

I am only really speculating on this particular thought but since a Simulacrum is an XM construct, is it possible that they possess a unique sensitivity to the Portal Network and XM flow on the planet? What do they feel and experience near Portals?

The so-called Immortality granted to Simulacrum that enables them to survive otherwise fatal injuries does come with a risk. The XM-construct that hold their consciousness destabilizes over time and ater 1,331 days the construct can no longer maintain its form and must undergo a Recursion event, in which the constructed body resets itself from the destabilization it suffered.

The risk in this lies in that the person's memories that that they accrued during this 1,331 day cycle are wiped clean and the person returns in the mental state they were in when they perished.

Granted, it is important to note that there are ways around this risk. Hank collaborated with various individuals, such as Lynton-Wolfe, Azmati and Nigel Moyer as well as willing Agents to bulld Portal Links from specific places in his life to a convergence point in Cross Plains to preserve his memories. {12}

Another more obscure option of which there is little information at the time of this writing, is a strange XM constuct referred to as a "Vault" that can store the memories of a person. {13}

Reversal Method and slight speculation
So, there seem to be two particular methods to reverse the simulacrum state.

The first is the acquisition of the Recursion Artifacts, a series of 17 XM constructs that are capable, when either the majority or when all are obtained and activated, to possibly restore the humanity of a Simulacrum.

The second method seems to be when the Nest containing the body of the Simulacrum is destroyed and the Simulacrum is within close proximity of the Nest. When Azmati destroyed the Afghan Nest with Hank inside, he ceased to be a Simulacrum and regained his humanity. {14}

This, I hope, is the most extensive look at simulacra possible. I will do my best to ensure it remains a living artifact-as new information is released that adds to the intel we have on simulacra I will update and edit this to include it.

Simulacra are a unique and incredible phenomenon of the world of XM. With the discovery that all the Niantic Researchers

{1}-Underarcated; college transcripts between Calvin and Johnson which would lead to Calvin selecting him for the Areciebo study:

{2}-Calvin 13MAGNUS memo-

{3}-13MAGNUS NOMAD episode feat. Dr. Schubert:

{4}-Hank rememebering seeing Jahan-

{5}-Shonin Ceremony:

{6}-Omnivore intercept about Jahan in Persepolis:

{7}-ABADN map:

{8}-Ingress Report, Sept. 03 2014. Start of Hank recording: 5:48-

{9}-Hank G+ post regarding his conversion into a simulacrum:

{10}-The Thief page:

{11}-Nominus screenplay:

{12}-Hank Johnson Link Operation-


{14}-Hank confirming he is human-

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Saludos a la comunidad, soy skynetT888 de Morelia, y pertenezco a la RMich.
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