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Do not forget to join our Discord Server! Extremely active community dedicated to all things imas! Separate channels for all types of imas fans, and each member gets a role to represent their favorite idol!

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Please don´t forget to greet the oldest of the 765 idols, who celebrate her birthday today...!

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Hello ! !

Jupiter radio actor of "TOMA AMAGASE" "TAKUMA TERASHIMA".
He got married.

"SATOMI SATO" where a bride is a radio actor.

All idolm@ster Producer and animation fan are celebrating !! <3


Blog of Mr. TERASHIMA.


I'm curious about IMAS Million Live Theater Days. I try to DL the apps on Google Play but the site said : "this app not compatible with your device". I've got a Xperia Z2 which i presume is fine for.

I live in France and I use my french Google account, i need a japanese account or is it my device ? Thanks for the help.

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Yesterday, I finally got the last trophy and after that, I got the "Platinum Stars!" trophy as well! Which means, that I got 100% of the trophies...

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My channel finally has a trailer!! :D I may change it later because I'm not 100% satisfied but for now it's fine!
It's based on the member's PV for the game. Everything I do for this channel is based on real avertissement from the game because I feel like it'll attract more people.

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I want to buy the Tulip costume but this appear when I'm trying to buy it. What does it mean?

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I think I understand how P-Drop (not DL lives ones) works!! It takes a bit more than a year to get one and here's what I noticed (It still have to be 100% proven because I noticed it only in the last 2 years.):

1. You get nothing at all
2. You get shitty gifts
3. You get a few silver gifts
4. You get a mix of nothing, shitty and silver gifts
5. You get the gold one :D

Also the image is taken from Internet because I forgot to upload mine XD And I think it's a DL-Live P-drop.

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Not many songs are more appropriate for December's Catalog like Little Match Girl!

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Some Halloween themed cards to get you in the Halloween spirit! Happy Halloween everyone! Too bad it's on a Monday this year.
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