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Do not forget to join our Discord Server! Extremely active community dedicated to all things imas! Separate channels for all types of imas fans, and each member gets a role to represent their favorite idol!

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Here are all the DLCs items I bought yesterday for my birthday! :D
I regret only one thing... The earrings that go in a set with Colorful Days. They don't mix well with anything! ;-;
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I found this old intro video for the arcade version from 2005, when Takane and Hibiki wasn´t with 765 yet! It´s amazing, how graphics changed since then, huh?

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My shopping list (not in order of preferences) for Stella Stage! :D I don't like Colorful Days' costume so I'm buying another one for the song!

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As I mentioned yesterday, I was at the MANGA-COMIC-CON(or shorter MCC)! What should I say..., I never saw so many people doing cosplay gathered in one spot! It was very cool there..., and I bought some TCG-cards for my collection(1 CG and 1 LL package)! Unfortunately, they only sold the english issues, not the original japanese cards, but it´s better then nothing, I guess!
I expected, they would have more japanese originals, but mostly, there were that english issues being sold. I saw original figures of Chihaya and Iori(but no Hibiki) at a shop there, but with 55€ each, they were too rich for my blood...
Should I ever visit Japan, I definitely put some extra money in my pocket!

+Lady Victoire Sorry for bothering you yesterday with Miku, so today, I have some cards of a character, you like more, I guess! (Call it mystery or so, but that "Cinderella Girls" TCG package contained 50 cards, and guess, who´s the only character, that´s missing...)
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Well, I think this is the end of Stella Stage's DLCs. We are only missing two songs from the previous games: DREAM and Kami Summer. We may get one last DLCs for those two. I really hope we'll get them because I want them! >.< We may also get old songs that weren't yet released in games but that's even less plausible than adding DREAM and Kami Summer.

If we don't get a new DLC before April, we know it's over and we won't get new DLCs for that game. So if this happens we'll meet again in 3 years (2020) for a new game! :D If they continue making them of course! (there is always a 3-year gap between each main games since the 2nd Vision series).

I am missing some songs from games like THE iDOLM@STER SHINY FESTA but I think those songs were played by specific idols only. So I'm not sure if they have a recording of every idol and they never appreaded in any other games anyway.
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I hate Yayoi and Miki's voice but I can't deny they sound really good with the other girls for these songs! They're my favorite songs from the Stella Stage CDs so far! <3

Koisuru Twist&Shout is my favorite Stella Stage song! Thanks to Ritsuko! I hope there will be a solo version of this song <3

The CD includes: Seisai Stepper (Iori, Ami, Mami & Miki) and Koisuru Twist&Shout (Ritsuko & Yayoi)

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For my THE iDOLM@STER videos should I use auto cam without editing the videos or should I use long cam only?

I have to edit the videos because the auto cam pisses me off. The camera focus on random girls so some girls get more camera angles than others. I edit that so the focus is the same number per girls. It takes HOURS and I hate it. I know it looks better when I edit them but I can't edit them anymore... It's too much work for nothing...

If I use long cam or auto cam without edits I would be able to upload way much more videos per day.
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Long Cam Only
Auto Cam (No Editing)

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Do you guys like my new thumbnail interface?

I may not have a lot of subscribers... but at least I am the Youtube Producer with the best looking Youtube channel! ;)

To be honest it's my favorite thumbnail interface EVER! And it's not because I made it, it really just looks cool and it shows everything it has to show. I am really proud of myself on that one! I should have been a graphic designer XD

I modified the idol's image from the official website to be shorter and not show the name. I also used the same kind of shape found on the official website.

Now I kinda need to update my website to match this interface.

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I LOVE THE NEW SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I hope Iori, Mami, Ami and Miki are the M@STER version of this song! <3
Also... Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 TAKE MY MONEY NAMCO!!!!
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