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Welcome Famdroids to the Fandroid Fan Community, a community made to show how much us fans love and care about our favorite musical robot, Fandroid!!!! I hope you all will enjoy your stay here ^w^

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Name: Luckdroid
Age: 10
Likes: dead memes, the amazing world of gumball, triforcefilms, art, dogs/wolves, sweets
Dislikes: 18+ content, swearing, creepypastas, evil clones
Personality: Nice, caring, sweet
Gender: Male

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Fandroid has started playing Portal 2 YES!!!!! And from the looks of it, THE SHIP CONTINUES!!!!!!! Fandroid still likes GlaDOS based on the stuff he says about her in his first video of Portal 2 and if you don't believe me, watch the video!!!! I swear to bob Fandroid X GlaDOS is reall XD Robot love, that's my life now so help me XD

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Another flawless amazing song by Fandroid!!!! Guys plz go cheek this song out, its flipping amazing!!!!! I can't stop listening to it ^w^

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Another video made by Fandroid, Fandroid finally finished Portal and OMG!!!! Awwwwwww Fandroid has a crush on GlaDOS awwwwwwww I SHIP!!!!!!! SHIP SHIP SHIP!!!!!! I'm gonns go draw fan art of it now, Awwwww Fandroid so adorable >w<

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Wanna join her contest
Hay I'm doing a fan art contest for the a mini book about the evil Fandroid creepypasta because I'm creating other project
Rules :
No blood
Doesn't need to do with the plot
Knife and crowbar are the only ones need
Use color
Don't miss a shot
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OMG when I saw the video, I knew someone would make this XD Melody be Triggered XDDD Melody will get her revenge XDDD

Melody wants revenge! by CartoonzGal
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