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Indonesians can not get the #ShenzhenVisa

Lately I see many Indonesians asking if they can get the 5-Day #ShenzhenVisa, or Shenzhen VOA - they can not!

Here is the list of nationalities that can <strong>not</strong> get the 5-Day #ShenzhenVisa :

<a href="" target="_blank">The #ShenzhenVisa FAQ</a>

Reminder to those who can: You can <strong>not</strong> get the 5-Day #ShenzhenVisa at Shenzhen (Baoan) Airport. You won't even be allowed to board your flight!


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For the Australians... I checked Nov. 18th at the Huang Gang border - reply was again AU passport is no problem!

And I added Huang Gang to the website...:

Attention Australians!

There is some confusion whether Australians can get the 5-day-Shenzhen visa or not. End of October 2016 I was told it's no problem. But on Oct. 3. 2016 some people were refused entry.

If you are Australian and plan to visit Shenzhen it might be better to get your full China visa in advance.

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I am planning to give some details about the 5 Day Shenzhen Visa that you can get (or buy) at some border points on the Hong Kong/China border.
I will add more information in November.
For now, you can get the 5 Day Shezzhen Visa at the Lowu border crossing. You don't need a picture. Cost is RMB168 for most nationalities. Some pay more (UK i.e.), some can not get the 5 day visa at all - FR, US, ID, IN, PH, ZA and probably many more.
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