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Mallowpaw( Mallowflight)
Color: Dark brown, light brown, ginger and white along with tan
Eye color: Red
Rank: Meddie app
Mentor: Dawnlight
Mate: (Cant have any)
Crush: None yet she may have on but she`ll know its forbidden
Siblings: Snowkit (died from sickness)
Personality: Easily annoyed and tired of people`s snappy attitude (Even Dawnlight`s!) She can always be a good listener. She picks up things quick and has a dream of becoming the best meddie cat she can be. Very dependable.
Backstory/Bio: When Mallowpaw was Mallowkit she had a dream of becoming a medicine cat and decieded to go for it. Until her father Hawkclaw threatened her becoming a warrior. She couldn't stand killing and hurting other cats so she refused and was abused her father and still is. She didn't stand it anymore and ran off into the forest trying to learn as much as she could to become a warrior but it was so hard killing rabbits and voles that she knew she was destined to become the cat she really wanted to be a medicine cat. Her mother Brightfur wanted her goal to be fulfilled but with her father Hawkclaw there was no way he`d let his daughter become something unusefull. He told his own mate to train Mallowpaw but she refused which led to her death killed by the tom she used to love.Mallowkit saw this and being threatened by Hawkclaw she never spoke to this to anyone. Everyone then thought Mallowkit fed her mother deathberries because of Hawkclaw`s lie and now everyone distrusts her because of it. Only Hawkclaw,Mallowpaw and Brightfur know the truth.

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Name: Cherrypaw
Gender: female
Rank: apprentice
Age: 7 moons
Description: photo, small calico she-cat with light blue eyes.
Personality: really sharp-tongued, she's a very stubborn apprentice. She hates beeing ordered by anyone else but her leader or her mentor. She likes doing what she wants.
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Because there is a contradicting rule, I have to be dead in this community.

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Des: (look down) A black she-cat with very light green eyes and have a white tipped tail and paws with a grey underbelly.
Bio: A stong and brave she-cat that`ll take responsibility for almost anything that her clan does. She can be touch at times but very understandable.She had a harsh past and found a new home in Ashclan. She lived in Murderclan with her dead sister named Ally and was found with scars and a broken leg but she was healed back perfectly. She has a minor trust issues with loners. Make her angry and you`ll have  a broken bone or two. She`s fierce but loveable and a very dependable cat.
Mate: Would like one but hasn't thought of it
Kits: Would like some but like the same as a mate hasn't thought of it yet.
Crush: She`s very secretive and she wont tell a soul.

High Ranks still open:
Waveclan: Leader,Deputy, .
Vocanoclan: Deputy,meddie
Twilightclan:,meddie,meddie app
Ashclan: Leader,meddie,meddie app
Murderclan: Leader, deputy,meddie,meddie app

Silentsong looked around and padded into the entrance of Volcanoclan and greeted each cat and smiled looking around. (Open rp)

Welcome to Volcanoclan!
These cats  are an equal to Windclan. Their prey are rabbits,mice,vole and crows. They are great runners and show loyalty to their clan and clanmates especially to their leader. Just watch out for hot rocks! (Magma or lava heated rocks) Your are welcomed anytime :)

Cat Coins: What are Cat coins? Well Heres your answer -> so how u earn dem is that every Gathering like Med Cats get their pay on their Gathering and everybody else gets it on theirs, I give out the amount that u earned to those ppl :3. So say u got 30 Cat Coins, I would give that to u on the Gathering date. How u get dem:
Kit -> Apprentice 10 Cat Coins
Apprentice -> Warrior 20 Cat Coins
Warrior -> Queen 15 Cat Coins
Warrior -> Elder 25 Cat  Coins
~~~~~~~~~~Special Cat Coins Earning :3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Warrior -> Deputy 50 Cat Coins
Deputy -> Leader 100 Cat Coins
Medicine Cat App -> Medicine Cat 45 Cat Coins
Kit -> Medicine Cat App 40 Cat Coins
^ Warrior or Apprentice)
Member -> Mod 70 Cat Coins
Member or Mod -> Admin 130 Cat  Coins
Admin -> Co Owner 200 Cat Coins
Each memeber recieves 1000 cats coins
How spent: If kit : -10 cat Coins
Warrior:-20 cat coins
Elder:-5 cat coins
Queen:-5 Cat coins
Appies:-10 cat coins
Any Questions please ask :)

Moonpool will be held every 10th of every month. Cats Coins will also be given there.
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