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Version 7.0 - Previews and Wear 2.0 is now rolling out. The translations are not all fully completed yet but we feel this release has enough goodies to get out to the public.

New features:
- Preview capability while configuring widgets
- Display Calendar events in local timezone
- Android Wear 2.0 support
- Basic Chronus Wear on-watch settings
- Added a few Belgian RSS sources
- Pixel+ widget full Google logo option
- Pixel+ widget icon color option

- Week view calendar month end events not showing
- Location not resolving with some weather providers
- Updated 3rd party libraries
- Pixel+ widget separator background color
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Coming next to Chronus:
- Evernote, Microsoft Exchange and Todoist support for Tasks widget (with thanks once again to +Jorge Ruesga)
- Set a start day of the week for Calendar widgets
- Disable the day/night time adjustment of weather condition icons
- Disable the display of the temperature symbol (F or C)
- Disable the auto layout for full widgets (Tasks, News, Stocks)

We are catching up on the translations and doing some more testing before starting betas.

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any thoughts if we will ever get added google location based API for weather in chronus? it uses google's API so we dont have to try and find a weather service that actually works.

Weather Underground is broken for me: always 100% rain in chronus. WU app says 20%

Version 7 BETA5 is now in the play store. Mostly small fixes and translations updates. if no issues are reported we will release this version by the end to the week. 

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Work is progressing ...


Help needed in removing errant widgets from the app's widgets list. There used to be something from the help and support page to remove non existing widgets but can't find it in recent version.


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How do i get the weather icons back? Using s6 updated with Android 7.

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Complications support coming for the Chronus Wear watch face.


Okay, so I have an Android wear watch now. I can figure out how to get the watchface. Any help?
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