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Version 8.1 - Google Drive is now rolling out

Please note: If you see a 'No items in look-ahead window" message in your calendar widgets, you have to re-select the calendar(s) to display in Calendar settings.

New features:
- Option to use Google Drive as backup location
- Allow background color selection for Pixel+ widget
- Ability to disable 'Chronus' logo on Wear watchface (Pro)

- Possible calendar query crash

Hi! What about to add an optional link to Google Now weather page in weather panel? Or maybe a selectable through settings action when you tap on weather icon in weather panel. Thanks in advance!


I have a feature request for calender Widget Week View. I want to see the upcoming seven days. So, today should be the first day and not Monday of the current week. Is this possible?

Kind regards Bastian

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I am happy to present you my first Chronus theme. It includes 16x16 icons and is made for all pixel art lovers out there. You can download it for free here:
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Hello +David van Tonder. Big fan of Pro Chronus - actually using 3 of the widgets on my Droid. Would like to use the Todoist on Tasks. Is there anyway to offer "Today" as an option under Task List?

I am using Chronus task widget with todoist integration. The widget is working great to read items posted to or from my app. When creating new tasks using the widget there seems to be an issue syncing back to the app. New tasks are displayed in the chronus widget but don't appear in the website or the app. I've tried to manually sync but no luck. Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue? 

The weather widget keeps getting "Can't resolve location" when using "Geo-located using network" starting from 22nd May, 2017. Manually set a custom location works. It doesn't seem to be a permission issue as I also tried uninstall/re-install the app. Is there any way to fix it?

I can't get Chronus to work with my Pocket account, and this was the reason I bought it. I am on a motox pure with updated android. Anyone have any idea why it won't connect with pocket?
Edit I put the pocket url feed directly into Feedly, and then used Feedly to display the feed through Chronos. Problem solved.

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Sorry... issue was beta 1 not 2. Luv this app. Between family and friends have around 36 installs. To David and members please disregard original post. App running like a pro smooth. Check it out.
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I sent in a couple of crash reports via my phone when the Daydream would crash on the most recent beta. Looks like it was the custom colors I previously selected for the 2 items that allow it. They were listed as "custom color (1)" instead of simply "custom color".

I changed to a listed color and the Daydream crashes stopped.

Chronus Pro 8.2 BETA2/MotoX 2013/Kitkat 4.4.4 if it matters.
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