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Do not ban me i want your replies. 

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A VERY easy way to teach Christian-based Curriculum on Government, Politics, and the U.S. Constitution for Parents, Churches, Schools etc. Each of the 129 Vignettes includes a Biblical scripture, Principle and Supplemental Activities for your family, groups etc. to grasp the Magnificence of the greatest Contract for Freedom ever written. :)

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Same-sex Marriage: Equality for whom?
With the same-sex marriage issue forefront in the news, it
seems a lesser thing to write on any other topic. With good reason; this
movement will reposition our culture, and it therefore requires a clear
public airing of the facts.

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My husband and I both had fathers who served in WWII. We wanted to know who is your favorite Founding Father (or Founding Mother) and why? We dare say we carry fire in our bones for this country and the U.S. Constitution that keeps us free. A full course on the U.S. Constitution:

I have a serious question. First, let me say that I believe in the teachings of the Bible and i am a faithful christian. I have been studying linguistics the last few years and as a translator/interpreter I fully understand the issues in this area. My question is this: How can we be certain that the events described in the Bible actually happened in the way the current, modern version says? We know from history that the men gathered at Nicea and Trent added or removed books according to what they wanted the religion to be. How then do we know that modern Christianity (based on the results of Nicea and Trent) is what God intended it to be?

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Did you know Christians use circular reasoning? That's right. "But isn't that a logical fallacy?" You might ask. Well, the answer is: yes and no.

You see, there's a certain degree of circular reasoning that is unavoidable. For example: how do you know the laws of logic exist without using the laws of logic? Well, you can't. You need to use the laws of logic in order to prove the laws of logic. This is a totally acceptable circular argument.

God is real because the Bible says so.
The Bible is true because God says so.
This is also circular reasoning, but it is perfectly acceptable.

"Man and ape have similar structures, therefore we must've evolved from a common ancestor. We must've evolved from a common ancestor because man and ape share similar structures."
This too is an acceptable form of circular reasoning.

With regards to an ultimate standard, circular reasoning is absolutely unavoidable! Learn more below.

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Did you know that you actually know things? But have you ever actually stopped to ask yourself how you know these things? Think about it. There's quite a few things we take for granted before we even begin research–things that we always rely on, but never question if we should rely on them in the first place.

These are called the preconditions of intelligibility (I also wish there was a shorter word for it). These presumptions include the basic reliability of our senses, basic reliability of our memory, your existence, etc.

We automatically trust our senses to provide reliable information. What if we couldn't trust our seeing? Or what if we couldn't trust our memory? For all you know, you might not even be reading this!

The question is, can a non-biblical worldview provide a rational basis for the preconditions of intelligibility? Click the link below to find out!

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There is an ultimate proof of biblical creation.

I can already hear some of you critics. By "ultimate proof", I do not mean an argument/evidence that will change everyone's minds. By "ultimate proof" I mean a totally rational argument that cannot be refuted.

Is there really such a thing? Click the link and find out for yourself.

Any feedback would be very appreciated!
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