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Hey if its not too much to ask if you make profile can you actually take part in some roleplay because a lot of profiles are made and almost never used.

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Name: Shema
Age: 27
Gender: female
Species: yutyrannus
Diet: carnivore
Personality: curious, aggressive , dangerous
Likes: the taste of anky's flesh , hunting , water
Dislikes: allosaurs, quetzals , Rex, dimorphodons
Rank: loner

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Conquer walked towards the mighty river he could hear the sound of the waterfall in the distance he could feel the warm sun on his pebble skin as he drunk from the water he suddenly felt a presence some one was here

((Open to any one))

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the one game where can actually Dino RP!

Name: Bradley

Species: Velociraptor

Island of where was birth: Isla Sorna

Bio: I was on my own when I was a little baby Velociraptor, and I had to know how to survive in the jungle, and I was very smart.

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If you love dinosaurs and roleplaying check this place out.

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If you like heart and yummy then you'll like it here

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Let's teach the kids about Dinosaurs with a cute puppet :)
Animated Photo

has come out of the deep forest to a lake to get some thing to drink, when I feel like im being watched (anyone wanna RP)
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