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since I can't seem to think of a planet, I'll just say undetermined.

Year: 21 BBY

Location: undetermined, ruined urban terrain

Status: open

Tan Loc and members of the 18th legion stood around a small holotable as it projected a map of the surrounding area.

The clankers are holed up here, here and here.

One of the troopers, the head under the general, pointed to each location. An old government building, a public square, and what appeared to be civilian housing.

"We suspect they are holding hostages at this one, the others appear to be strictly military."

They all waited for the Grey Paladin's response as he frowned at the projections.

How many droids have we seen there?

He indicated the housing.

"About two hundred fifty, mix of B1s, B2s, and a few dwarf spiders."

Tan nodded his head, he would most likely end up going there. Another glance over the holotable showed artillery at the square, where their forces seemed to be massing. He glanced up at his troops.

I want 3 companies with me, we'll be heading to the civies, prepare a half dozen LAATs for pick up with 2 dozen escort V-19s. Once we have them free, if there are indeed any civies there, we can begin our assault at the other positions.

"But sir, what if they finish their preparations and launch an attack first?"

We know they have artillery, they don't know about our shield. Activate it as late as you possibly can before we have casualties.

"Understood, sir."

Good, let's get to it then.

Soon, Tan Loc and his troopers glided silently from debris pile to shadow, and from shadow to duracreet wall as they advanced on the droids position within the housing. Loc had in his hands a DC-15 carbine given to him by one of the troopers, as it was already noticed how much he preferred them to his lightsaber.

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Umak Leth: “An ionic cannon capable of surprising and wiping out entire capital ship task forces would require a ship of unreasonable proportions. Something on the magnitude of at least eight kilometers in length.”
Nasdra Magrody: “Twelve.”
Bunt Dantor: “Seventeen.”
—A Republic panel of experts debates the technical details of the Malevolence

Ship Name: Malevolence
Model: Subjugator-class Heavy Cruiser
•Heavy Cruiser
•Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps
•Pammant Docks
Armor: TBA
•Ion Pulse Cannons (2)
•Twin Turbolaser Batteries (500)
•Tractor Beam Batteries (2)
•Point-Defense Light Laser Cannon Batteries (5)
•Length: 4,845 meters
•Width: ??? meters
•Height: ??? meters
Cargo Captivity: 13,000 tons
Consumables: None
Life Support: None
Hyperdrive: Equipped; Class 2 (Backup: Class 12)
Shielding: Equipped
Crew: 900 (battle droids)
Passengers: 60,000 (battle droids)
Power Supply: Equipped
Communications: Equipped
Owner: General Grievous
•Confederacy of Independent Systems
•Confederate Navy
•Order of the Sith Lords

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21 BBY
The First of Many to Come.

Murkhana, a planet of swamps and jungles. The perfect hideout for a bounty hunter. Also, a part time job as one of the major Seperatist Bastions in the clone wars. A holorelay station on Murkhana, a source of Seperatist Propoganda transmissions, has been targeted by the Republic for destruction.

Mace Windu and Karin Meruo were sent, along with Mace's personal battalion of Clone Troopers, to destroy the relay station and any Separatists in the way.

((Closed to +Perverted Slaanesh Champion))

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[Same character, just before the facial hair and tan]

Name: Kellro Mandehla
Nicknames: Black Hammer, Mad Hunter, Nightmare of the Force
Age: 21 Years.
Rank: None
Faction: None.
Weapons: A basic Poleaxe.
Force Sensitivity: Low.
Race: Human
Gender: "Male
Homeworld: Asrit/Mandalore
Height: 6'5
Weight: 180 lb
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Personality: Can be sweet, but can be heartless as well. At times completely insane

He was originally born on Asrit, where he was abandoned by his family in their worship of the Holy Children of Asrit. He was kidnapped as a child and sold to a slaver who thought him to be a divine prize. Upon realizing otherwise, he was stabbed with an unknown knife and sent in a pod to a nearby planet. The slaver assumed Mandalore was with Jedi and/or Sith were in turmoil, so they would dispose of the child...

He was sent in a Songsteel based pod and sent upon the outskirts of civilization, where he was found by "Old" Mandaloreans. Old implies that these were still war-focused ones, but this was a family... But they saw him as something else. They chained him up like a dog and set him out to watch for intruders...

Years of being a watch, being fed with minimal care taught him how to never have limits. But it also taught him the need to learn. He took time listening to conversations of his "owners" andmeventually learning their language. Once he began demonstrating speech, they brought him in and began to actually care for him.

[Mistakes and Solutions]
As he was growing as an actual equal, he was taught his "family's" trade: Forging. He was taught how to use basic metals and alloys to create quality weapons. It was an awkward explaination for an odd child in an Aryan family. Doing better than his adoptive siblings, forging fine blades and tools... It was soon that he was taught a dying secret of the age: Forgery of Mandalorian Iron. It was labelled as such as metalsmiths of Mandalore were rarer and would rather die than reveal the secret. This secret technique, as well as unique methods of improvement, was given to him.

With rising reports of attacks with Jedis and Siths against eachother, him and his siblings were taught about their weaponry: the common Lightsaber. Each one, him and two brothers, were given an old lightsaber they attained from defending their home. They were taught how to easily disassemble them to unarm the opposition... They all went well until Kellro's lightsaber crystal, a Blackwing Crystal, fragmented and embedded its shard into the skin of Kellro's face... The crystal still had the essence of the old user, poisening his mind with memories and emotions from the old user... He learned to numb himself. Just as a Force Weapon becomes stronger with its attunement to the force, he in turn was made stronger with his own poisoning... With this, his hair and eyes darkened.

With visions of battles old and new, gruesome and layered in bodies, he could see and hear heartbeats... He came to realize that in his lowering sanity, he could see where the Force was stronger than normal.. It was one horrid night when a sith and his adept came into his home and slaughtered everyone except him as he was in a hidden room. He came and saw that his family had put up a fight before they were killed. The sith had left his adept behind, allowing him to commit to a slaughter.

Knowing his family was gone, he knew he had to avenge them. He took days to force a full suit of very strong yet well light armor out of Mandalorian Iron, He set off on his hunt.

The user may still be a normal human, but he has been affected by the Blackwing Crystals in his face. He still takes damage, but he will continue as if he took none. He will continue until he gives up or dies.

Force Resistance.
The user's embedded Blackwing crystals allow him to not be so susceptible to Force-based abilities such as Lightning. He is still hurt, but he is a bit resistant

Force Recognition
The user can see faint signs of where the force is stronger. This can be seen by increased heartbeats and similar, but that only works if he is close

Non classified
Unknown enemy vessels start raiding convoys and from Fondor heading in direction of Core. During the raids they seem to relly on ambush tactics.

After decade of planning and building up strength and with Republic fighting the war, Grand Chancellor Tremar decided that its time to strike. First he decided to take over Fondor and entire System. He intends to cut off Fondor from rest of the Galaxy and take over the planet.

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Name: Sarah Widdler

Date of birth: 37 bby

Age: 17

Rank: Jedi Padwan

Faction: Jedi Order and Galactic Republic

Body type: Average

Weapons/Equipment : One blue lightsaber and Adi Galla lightsaber

Force Sensitivity: Medium

Cybernetics: None

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Homeworld: Naboo

Armor: Light

Height: 5,3

Weight: 102

Hair Colour: brown/hair

Eye Colour: brown

Personality: Smart, Romantic, Bold, Caring

Biography: Sarah Widdler was only a baby when her parents died but during to be found by a clone trooper who took her to the Jedi temple. The Jedi could sense her power and they said how powerful she in force if not given proper training. They council discussed and said that she would be put with Adi Galla.

Although that was her master she wanted someone else. So she followed Obi-wan Kenobi on most of the missions he went on. She basically Viewed him as a father figure. Though the council didn't like that Kenobi convinced them to let her go. Obi-Wan would encounter enemies like Grievous and Ventress and they would fight them together.

It wouldn't be until Darth Maul resurfaced and wanted revenge for what he did to him. Sarah would be a huge target. Sarah would comfort Obi-wan and tell him not to worry obi-wan would tell her that Maul killed Qui-Gon Jinn his old master. But it wouldn't be on one mission where Adi Galla would join them to fight Savage Opress and Darth Maul during that fight Sarah would be thrown in a wall and she would her master Adi Galla die by the Hands of Savage Opress.

She would mourn her master death and wish she spend more time together and she would hold on her masters lightsaber.
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Name: Saleen Xuros
Date of Birth: 81 BBY
Age: 60
Homeworld: Falleen
Race: Falleen
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight: 21 lbs.
Body Type: Average
Cybernetics: None
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:
Faction: Black Sun
Rank: Vigo
Weapons/Equipment: NN-14 blaster pistol (x2)
Armor: None
Force Sensitivity: Normal
Personality: Proud, Arrogant, Calm
Biography: Saleen Xuros is a Falleen criminal and one of the nine Vigos of the Black Sun crime syndicate. Young by Falleen standards (they can live up to 250 years), Saleen is nonetheless a skilled businesswoman and gambler, even without Black Sun she'd be quite rich. Once she became a part of the upper echelons of the crime syndicate, however, she saw the opportunity to turn her hobby into a lucrative operation, and so she purchased the old Club Vertica casino. She went about renovating the thousands-year-old casino to modern standards, adding many amenities as well. Saleen decided to keep the casino's old name in hopes of attracting the same kind of clientele, as with the old Club Vertica Casino only the wealthiest, best-dressed and most beautiful patrons could hope to enter the casino. The rare exceptions were the people invited by Club Vertica’s mysterious owner. While this isn't entirely the case anymore, the patrons of Club Vertica are still very upscale, with plenty of money to spend. Saleen enjoys a comfortable life on the Smuggler's Moon, and most of her time is spent in Club Vertica or her luxurious penthouse overlooking the casino and club. She must be careful, however, lest she interfere with Hutt business or step on the toes of the Alderaanian Mafia. 

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Name: Theta, CT-1049

Age: 11 (Looks 22)

Rank: Captain

-Galactic Republic
--Galactic Army of the Republic
---Ghost Battalion

Weapons: DC-15

Force Sensitivity: Normal

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Homeworld: Kamino

Height: 1.83 Meters

Weight: 80 Kilograms

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Personality: Theta is a logical clone, thinking three steps ahead before making his move. He goes with the books, meaning he follows his orders exactly, without regard to innocent casualties. He is considered brutal when it comes to getting the job done, and doesn't mind civilian casualties.

Biography: Born on Kamino, Theta was one of the more brutal clones like Neyo. He leads the special forces Ghost Battalion, occasionally splitting up his men to perform the various tasks they need to do; such as when a type of specialized trooper under his command gets requisitioned to go to help out elsewhere. He has a few battles under his belt, and is a capable captain; though he has declined a promotion to Battalion Commander ; electing an ARC trooper o be promoted instead.

(Phase I and II armor given to avoid the need to update later.)
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