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Hi folks!

I'd like to thank you all very, very much for answering all my questions I had about the game. We've finally published Polish edition of "Metamorphosis Alpha" 1e along with "The Long Hard Mile" solo adventure. Your assistance helped a lot. Thanks!

Here's a link to a fragment of the rulebook in Polish. We tried to stick to the original layout as much as we could (minus the font size ;)) so it may look familiar. Here you go:

Thanks again. :)

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Here's a great Metamorphosis Alpha article by James Ward from Different Worlds #7, April 1980. Notes on Wolfoids, Androids, and the Men of the Starburst – as well as three lesser factions; Sleeths, No. 3 Humanoids, and the Vigilists.

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I made this a while back for my Starship Jefferson campaign. It's a diagram of the the various environment suits.

These durable synthetic environment suits act as plastic against disruptors and protects as light armor against lasers.

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Malfunctioning “Ground Bot” Model: This unit is equipped as follows:
A. Independent action circuits enabling it to go beyond its normal programming to carry out its tasks.
B. A power cell effective for 72 hours of continuous operation.
C. A recharging unit allowing the device to recharge its cell while continuing
limited operation.
D. And-grav units with an excess capacity of 270 kilograms (595 pounds).
F. A paralysis field, ranging up to 65 meters (213 feet), serving the same function as the tentacles just mentioned.
G. A high propulsion unit enabling the robot to travel at up to 96 kilometers (60 miles) an hour.
H. 3 optical lenses with a maximum range of 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) and a minimum range of 1 meter.
I. Gas pellet ejectors with a range of 150 meters for field operations.
J. Minor surgical tools enabling the unit to perform simple field operations.
K. Minor forestry tools: a short range sonic torch, a rake scope, a group of chemical defoliants, 3 variable capture nets weighted for throwing, 8 padded tentacles with an extension of 25 meters (80 feet) from tip to tip, and a small capture cage for animals requiring special attention.
M. Limited weather analysis sensors.
N. Audio and radio transmitters and pickups effective for up to 60 kilometers (37 miles)
O. 3 lenses able to view in the infrared and the ultra-violet ranges.
P. 3 rotating light sources with a variance of 120 candlepower each.
This unit is controllable by verbal orders from anyone wearing a command or horticultural band.

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I wore this at the last game (DCC) I ran for my group and there was immediate interest along with oooh's and aaah's. This is my first plunge onto the Starship Warden via Goodman Games and I'm looking forward to many more. Sadly, I don't have the corebook yet, but I'm sure I can find something out there to look at in the meantime.

Are there any recommended starter modules? I imagine most adventures are playable right off the bat. I was just curious. 
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I'm looking at a listing on Amazon for a hardcover "collector's edition" by Goodman Games. It definitely appears to be something different from the "Deluxe Collector's Edition", but I can't find mention anywhere else of any other hardcover version of the collector's edition (I'm aware of a softcover version that was made available because of the Epsilon City kickstarter).

Is this legit? Or should we assume the listing is incorrect and that this is actually a softcover edition?

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This has been stealth announced on the Facebook. It's not a Goodman Games release, but will instead be available as an eBook on Amazon and in paperback via Fireside Creations around June.

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Title kind of says it all :)

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Glowburn discusses Metamorphosis Alpha . . .
More lost than the SS Minnow, more elusive than Santa's sleigh, it's the Starship Warden! Come, fasten your seatbelts and explore the storied starship on Episode 4 of Glowburn!


I’m off work till monday Jan 2nd and i was thinking it would be fun to run a Metamorphosis Alpha inspired game of Starships and Spacemen using Apes Victorious, Mutant Future, Labyrinth Lord, and possibly the Basic Psionics Handbook as supplements on Roll20. Characters would be revived crewmen trying to wrap their heads around what the ship has become in their absence. Players could be Human, Human 2.0 (RIgelians from S&S), Mutants, Replicants, or Apes. Also there is a newborn in the house so you’d have to accept the occasional pause and the lack of video….
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