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Not MA, but its sibling: 1st ed Gamma World game played every other Sunday using Roll20 (and Jitsi for audio). Just starting out, we'll be playing a modified version of Albuquerque Starport. Need a few more reliable gamers to join, please reply if you're in!

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Had the luck to play in Chris Clark's "Exploring the Warden" game over the weekend at Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee. He's working on a massive, deck by deck description of the Warden with Jim Ward that I hope to buy once it's complete.

We played space-scavengers on the good ship Sea Cow who picked up a signal, investigated, and found the enormous hulk of the Warden travelling through space. Sensors picked up thousands of life signs and we were contacted by an AI, which I was able to translate successfully. The Warden was very keen to have us come aboard, and it made us all nervous, but greed won out.

Chris used his "Lance rpg" system which was a very simple percentile system and gave us great leeway on how we used our skills. He's an outstanding GM and I took mental notes on how he handled our requests, especially after we ended up in the brig and had only minimal equipment and our skills to get out.

The only thing about the pregens I'd have changed were the combat values: two of us had a chance to hit with our high-bonus weapons, but once we lost those, we couldn't fight at all (12% chance to hit). However, it did make us lean on our skills, and generated some very fun alternatives to fighting.

I just finished reading an incredible graphic novel called Habitat by Simon Roy and it is one of the closest things to Metamorphosis Alpha I have ever come across. Ancient space colony on an artificial world, forgotten knowledge, Medical/Security/etc designations, robots with new/modified functions, reversion to primitive ways. Check it out.

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I'm looking to complete my MA wrist band collection.

I have all 6 wrist bands from the original Kickstarter including the elusive Captain's Band.
With the Epsilon City KS I received 2 copies of the Purple Administration Wristband.

I'm hoping to trade that band for someone else's Sky-Blue Sciences, Black Military or Gold Programmer AND/OR purchase some else's bands in those colors. Contact me to cut a deal!

MikeR60 at iCloud dot com is how to contact me. Thanks!

Hello everyone! (cross-posting to a few groups)

I am a huge fan of post-apocalyptic rpg's, but it looks like maybe I like a slightly different flavor than what is in vogue...namely that I prefer a more 'grimdark' feel, to abuse the term. I prefer my apocalypse to have happened fairly recently (100-200 years), for my mutations to be somewhat plausible (nanotech, CRISPR, weird bioweaponry, etc.), for my technology to be rare and not much more futuristic than modern levels, and for the overall feel to be one of an essentially doomed struggle to rebuild a society in a world gone mad with cannibal tribes and know, a sorta 'Mad Max played serious' kinda thing.

I am an older fellow, and use a mix of Mutant Future and Gamma World 1st/2nd edition rules. I'm a big fan of Metamorphosis Alpha, but usually reskin a lot of the content (i.e. wolfoids become mutant human cannibals, etc.). I haven't looked at the likes of GW 6th Edition, but it sounds interesting.

Does anyone have any recommendations for adventures/resources/etc. that are a little less humorous/'gonzo'/'spellcasters' than what I am seeing coming out? I have no problems rolling my own content, but would like to see if there is something out there that I may have missed, etc.

In case anyone is interested, a need for quick cash and shelf space has coincided. I'm selling my brand new, never used, leather cover copy of the Epsilon City boxed set (includes rulebook, adventure book, maps, and cyborg supplement, all in original shipping box) for $120 shipped in the continental US. That's a $30 savings off the retail price. (more when you factor in shipping). PM me or comment if interested.

I have always wanted to run a game combining MA/Gamma World RPG rules with the 'Chassis & Crossbow' Car Wars rules...the primary issue being that due to time scaling, it inevitably would be a Car Wars game with occasional RPG/mutation effects explosions. Does this sort of thing sound interesting to anybody? It would be a long slog in flesh-time, I'd imagine...

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Is there an index of MA adventures?

I've just started reading The House on the Hill. What a great resource!

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Taking a break researching a Kickstarter for my card game for game prep for my sessions at @marmaladedog March 30-April 1.

I'm running my Metamorphosis Alpha scenario Red Shirt Metamorphosis, and an adventure from my AD&D campaign, Tomb of The Necromancer.
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