Hi guys, sorry to have disappeared. I was on my last week at my college and full of presentations and exams :( What happened during this two weeks? Do we have to deliver anything?  

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I just found out a Brazilian LCL community. Not so many members yet. Might be a good place if someone prefers to communicate in Portuguese:

Hello Humans... V 

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I was watching the session 1 and it says it's kind of important to create things but it is also important to share your work with others.

In software there exists a lot of platforms that allow you to share, like http://github.com but since all of us are from different work background or fields, I was wondering what platforms do you use to share your work? =)

Hello guys!

As I said through email I'm Camila from São Paulo, Brazil, 25 years old, work as event producer at Samba.pro agency here in SP. I've lived in Sydney (Australia) for about 6 mounths and hopefully I will be back there in near future....

It's awesome to be part of this group, and I hope we will became good friends soon.

Ausra..I couldnt help myself of being happy when I saw that someone here is from Lithuania, I've known lots o people in Sydney from there...

Cheers mates!!

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Hey guys, here's the pdf of the book "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten", by Robert Fulghum, the one Mitchel Resnik references in his article's title.

A question: I was thinking about creating categories for each week (since each week has a theme), so we can discuss and share things about the course in a more organized way. What do you think?

Hello guys I'm Liyun from México, I'm 30 years old and I'm an Architect. I love everything that envolved design.
I'm already working in spaces design like offices, houses, buildings, and more.
I want to learn as much as I can from everyone of you
For now is all, thank you

Hi guys! Finally I'm here! :D

Just a note: I'm transforming everyone around here into moderators, so everybody can edit the community.
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