Any progress with this project lately?

The casting works great. Thanks! However, I found that when I cast, I lose the track listing.

Version 1.6.2 is out and brings back Chromecast support. A bunch of issues got fixed as well. Happy listening!

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Alpha+ player displays the current artist and track name but did you ever wanted check the artists website? With Soma.FM's brew of rare artists this might be tricky. However, if it's found on Discogs, the app now displays a link and opens the artist's Discogs page when clicked. This will be included in the next update.
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Next up will be a focus on bug fixing as well as links to the channel and artist website.

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Just finished showing the currently playing track and artist including album art from Discogs (tm) if available. This will enter Alpha / Beta testing first. Stay tuned!
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Upon popular request we added a sleep timer! Now you can schedule your favourite app to turn off while you're sleeping :-)

Version 1.4.0 just entered beta testing. It brings a new streaming back-end that is much faster, needs less data and is more stable than before. This is the first step towards displaying the current artist and scrobbling. Stay tuned!

Has anyone noticed issues with Android Auto? I keep getting "alpha+ player doesn't seem to be working right now" unless I first start Alpha+ then open android auto

Or, it starts fine from within android auto but when I select a channel, it hangs for about 20-30 seconds and then shows "alpha+ player doesn't seem to be working right now"

I'm running Oreo on a OnePlus3 stock ROM
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