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Hello everyone! Let's try once more to make me the owner of this community. Here are the clear instructions of that progress that +Jaana Nyström has created.
At least three members of this group should do it.

You need the following: Be logged in your Google+ account.

You open this page: and choose section: "Endorse someone else’s request to own a Community that no longer has an owner."

Your name comes automatically.


Your email address comes automatically.

Copy and paste the link to your own Google+ profile.

And then Harald's profile link:

And this community's link:


Thank you all! 

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Hi, I'm 19 and I'm a drummer. Dire Straits is one of my favorite band.
I've recently made a drum cover of "Down to the Waterline".
I'll be very happy if you check it out! Thanks!

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One of their greatest.

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Mai Dire Straits live @ Showbowl 2016

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Mai Dire Straits Live calling elvis @ Freqency 2015

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