There are some new glyphs since today,would be great if they could be implemented because this is my favorite glyph app.

Can you update , freaking app is bad ass just needs a update

love the app on my tablet , any plans to make it for iPhone? what I play on most on the time.

where is your donate button. program is saving my sanity.

1.20 Should be available tonight, with fixes:

+ Fixed increase slider size bug for nexus 6 devices.
+ Fixed manifest by removing license check permission - the app is free and adless.
+ Fixed app crash when minimizing / maximizing from notification drawer.

1.21 will be available this weekend with all the ui enhancements, additional glyph sequences, and more.

Please be sure to send your crash reports to the play store - they provide valuable stack trace info that helps me pinpoint issues!

Great app, thanks for sharing it.
Can I suggest adding in 2 and 3 sequence glyphs, too?

I'll be adding a website this weekend with a forum and direct download for the APK - for those that don't want to distribute without going through google.
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