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2018 NetNZ Enrolments are now open

Enrolments for next year's programmes of learning are now open at
We are using exactly the same procedure as last year - enrol all your 'probable' students now; they will appear on your school's 2018 enrolment spreadsheet (- which eDean's should have had 'shared' with them in the last couple of days. If you didn't get a 'share' email let me know we may have missed updating you as the eDean ); and then in early February ( _ as soon as you possibly can_ ) do any withdrawals ( of students who haven't returned to school, or have changed their options ).

You will notice on the enrolment form that we are introducing half year (semester) options - partly to provide students with more flexibility, and partly for those students who know that they will only be at school for the first half of the year. You won't consume a full placement for these semester enrolments, however will you use 0.6 of one of your placements per semester placements, and also need to be aware that we will only be able to place students in the second semester of a programme if there's space in a class.

The other thing I need to warn everyone of is the slightly provisional nature of the 2018 course menu - a lot of schools are yet to confirm the availability of their teachers for NetNZ, and also there will be inevitable staff changes this term. It's likely that some new subjects will be added to the NetNZ course menu, and some programmes may not end up running.
If we have your enrolments, and can see the demand from students for particular courses, we will make a real effort to make sure the programme runs in 2018. But do keep an eye on the 2018 NetNZ course menu at
it will have the most up to date information about what is very likely to run in 2018 ( it also has the links to course outline if you click on the programme title on pp2-9 )

Equine Studies becomes an expensive option when the students are using an online place and we have to pay for them from our STAR funding- has anyone thought about this?

Random question re students from our own schools who are enrolled with eTeachers from our own schools- do we get charged for them/ are they part of our allocated numbers?

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If you are not attending the Canterbury ehui we are keen to have your input for the Otago/ Southland Meetings. Please fill in the Google form below.

Enrolling a student in L3 Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Craig Jeffries but only Level 2 comes up - will this get changed or should I just use the L2 course to enrol. Thanks

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NetNZ Hui 2017 (Important)

We return to where it all began for the Hui this year - Oxford Area School. We will only be holding one main (and then a secondary down south for those who can't make Canterbury) Hui this year so it would be great to see as many as possible along. Oxford have kindly allowed us to use their new ILE for the two days which is fantastic - it will suit how we want to do this.

Please access the document below for more information and to register. The latter is important so we can get catering accurate.

Following on from the information about the Hui - do you have any idea of dates and venues for schools down south. We belong to a COL and have 23/24 November booked in for meeting with our COL at Roxburgh - it may be possible that we can meet with NetNZ teachers/edeans on these dates depending on the location. Could you let us know as soon as possible please.

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Final Review

Please pass this on to your students to complete. Your help is much appreciated

I have a student who would like to take Level 3 Business Studies. Any chance of this happening through NetNZ? If not, Darren is there another Net that does it?

I'm wanting to get clarification and guidance around what I should do if a student has been given opportunity to sit an assessment, has had plenty of teaching around it, and then fails to submit work for it. At my school the policy is to enter an N. What is NetNZ's policy? Which organisation's policy do I follow? Mine, the student's school, or NetNZ's?
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