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Modular Courses 2019

Sorry to drop this on you in the middle of reports, but we need everyone to at the very least, start thinking about this now. Over the years there has been continued discussion on modularising our courses. In 2019 would like to make this happen. At the moment we are considering both semester based and term based courses. This still allows students to take one subject for a full year, but in the long term creates far more flexibility in how students put their courses together. It also means we can meet the increasingly varied needs of our schools and students now and into the future.

I have created a padlet with some ideas and examples on this so have a look. It is open for comment as well.
Modular Curriculum
Modular Curriculum

EoY Reports - due by next Friday (21 Sept) or earlier please

I know that this will be a very tight deadline ( with many of you just completing practice exams this week ) but if we are going to get the EoY Reports out before the end of the term we will need them completed by FRIDAY, 21 September
[ NB Not Y9 and Y10 Reports - they will go out later in T4 ]

A reminder that there's 3 key things you need to do in your class markbook/spreadsheets for these reports:
(a) all internally assessed grades are updated ( any further final IA grades will still be able to be added in T4 )
(b) write your report comments ( particularly try to provide some focused feedback from students' practice exams, and guidance preparing for November's NCEA externals )
(c) update the 'Learning Disposition' grades ( - where necessary - last reports grades will still be there. These can be over-typed )

When you've completed this do let me know, so that Emily and I can get on to the fairly large job of producing and sharing the completed reports with schools.

ALSO - do get your students to reflect on their last term's learning and to update their learning plans - now is a really good time to get them to do this, as they begin to think about how they can best use their time in the run up to NCEA exams.

Thanks everyone - and sorry about this extra work at this very busy time of the year.


Hi I am trying to show my students a series of video's off Etv, have emailed them the link but because there school is not part of Etv it is asking them to log in. I am sure i have done it before and i thought this was the way i did it, but obviously not. Can anyone let me know how you show a video to a student who doesn't have a log in for ETv? Thanks in advance.

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Creative Forest Update

Love to hear from participating students on this.

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Ideas Wall

This is a padlet we put out a couple of years ago when we were encouraging NetNZ staff to suggest ideas for future development. Still relevant now, so feel free to contribute.

NetNZ Hui 2018

Just a reminder to please calendar the Networked Hui dates - November 29-30. We currently have two face to face hubs that will run in Canterbury and Otago. Is anyone interested in hosting a hub somewhere else? Southland? West Coast? Please feel free to comment. The idea is that participants can connect with colleagues face to face, have those informal chats that are so important and then also connect online with counterparts in other parts of the South Island.

We are an ever-evolving organisation so once again there will be an important discussion points. Your attendance is much appreciated.

Taieri College is on Senior exams this week. Students may or may not be in their VC sessions. I have reminded them to connect in from home if they are available and don't have an exam clash.

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Using Avatars as teachers.

Any available English teacher?
One of our smaller NetNZ schools is losing its English teacher at short notice, leaving its L1, 2 and 3 students without a teacher at a fairly critical time of the year. If you know of any English teachers who could pick up these students and teach them online ( as 3 separate small classes ), can you let me know?
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