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A show of Jew hatred in the Islamic world. Ever see Muslims get up massive crowds worldwide to protest and denounce Islamic terror? Neither have I! Rioting is always far superior than negotiating to certain mentalities.
“…A wave of anger against a US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital has spread from Asia, through the Middle East, to North Africa, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets to denounce the controversial move. … 157 people were injured on Sunday in confrontations with Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.  
At least four Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the US declaration.  … Clashes also erupted on Sunday at a protest in Beirut, where demonstrators fought with security forces outside the US embassy in the Lebanese capital. 
Demonstrators set fires in the street, torched US and Israeli flags and threw stones at police officers, who responded with tear gas and water cannon. … more than 5,000 Indonesians rallied outside the US embassy in Jakarta to vent their anger for a second day. … In Turkey's Istanbul, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets again, transforming the city's Yenikapi Square into a sea of Turkish and Palestinian flags. … Mohamed Boussaid, Morocco's finance minister, said the demonstration was a way "to express our indignation and un-satisfaction" and to show that "we refuse completely the decision taken by the president of the US". …”
Residents of the capital Srinagar, home to 1.1 million people, closed their shops and abandoned the streets in protest. Salman Khan, a Srinagar resident, told the ANI news agency that Trump's decision was "completely unjust".
Muslim solidarity with Palestine also spread to the war-torn nations of Yemen and Syria.
Further protests were held in Egypt, where students and professors demonstrated at the Al-Azhar university.
In Pakistan's Karachi, hundreds of protesters marched towards the US Consulate in the city, but were turned back by riot police.

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#WARNING : Graphic Violence
How can you say you support peace when you commit attempted murder?
#ISUPPORTISRAEL #Palestine #murderingmuslim

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It is not the first time that Hamas has used children—other people’s children— as sacrifices for their aims of destroying the Jews for allah.
“…UNRWA, the United Nations body that exists solely to serve Palestinians "refugees," has yet again discovered a terror tunnel running under one of its schools in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.
UNRWA reportedly informed Israel immediately regarding the discovery. In the past, UNRWA has not been so forthcoming.
A statement released by the organization read: "The presence of a tunnel underneath an UNRWA installation, which enjoys inviolability under international law, is unacceptable. It places children and agency staff at risk."
The problem is that's precisely what Hamas wants - to put ht children and agency staff at risk. Because, doing so accomplishes one of two things: either Israel will avoid targeting Hamas operations under such a sensitive target, or children and agency staff will be killed in the cross-fire, providing ammunition for Hamas' PR campaigns against Israel. …”

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Justin Smith writes about the obvious fact that Leftists and Muslim apologists have been in denial for decades. Namely, the political reality Jerusalem has been Israeli Capital for decades. In spite of Palestinian historical revisionism.

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Role of Media - There are black sheep in every community, regarding islam  yes there are very minute of percentage, the media pick up these minute percentage of balcksheep from the Muslim community and portraits as if all Muslims are like that. ...$200 millions have been spent by various groups in the United States of America to do Propaganda against the truth of islam,
In my view this is a good opportunity to show what real islam is , We (Muslims) have to be good in Media as well , we can take example like THEDEENSHOW hosted by Eddie Redzovic, We (Muslims) have to be good in Media that can reach billions of non Muslims, We (Muslims) have to be good on social networking sites and should interact with the non Muslims, we (Muslims) should also do Dawah with non Muslims.

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Post has attachment Dragon Of Valachia  see this direct and powerful video of Dr Tagatat Tejasen  (an eminent Buddhist scientist and embryologist who reverted to islam ),
I think many WANTS  to believe in what they just want , but if one eminent Buddhist scientist and embryologist revert to islam due to embryological facts present in the Holy book of Quran then it shows that ISLAM IS A TRUE RELIGION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH,
Dragon Of Valachia,  you should know that the ancient Greek didn't use to have high power telescopes they did some research and in their statements were many scientific and embryological errors as well. .
And when the eminent scientists and doctors acknowledged Quran due to scientific facts present in it,  then I think you should not apply your limited mind,  the difference is those eminent scientists and doctors got many awards whereas you are in a stupid community like "ANTI ISLAM "

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Now I'm planning to be on face book and instagram (social app) to spread the message of islam, I will mainly interact with the non Muslims of Europe and America .
I'm seeing that many normal NON MUSLIMS ARE liking my post ...till now I'm able to made more than 350 post (more than 1/2 i didn’t posted yet), MY SPECIAL THANKS TO ISLAMOPHOBES,  COMMUNITIES LIKE "ANTI ISLAM"  AND "DECONSTRUCTING ISLAM " ,actually they have showed me the path and the reason of this life. till now it's more than 20 reverted in the truth of islam due to my efforts (it can be more than 20) and more are now interested to know islam 
Due to heavy propaganda now i feel my duty to present the true islam to them and will try to revert them in the truth of islam.
Because even the Qur’an  (16:125) says -

" Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious:"
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