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"Here's pictures of the villains of Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z who are also known as "The Apostles of Gyze" who are actually units from Cray that diffrided with these people that worship their master "Dragon Deity of Destruction Gyze" and plan to resurrect him with the six "Zeroth Dragons"
"Dumjid" Host: "Saori Fuchidaka"
"Valeos" Host: "Unknown"
"Gredora" Host: "Unknown"
"Darkface" Host: "Sousuke Wakamizu"
"Gastille" (Leader) Host: "Unknown"
"Chaos Breaker" Host: "Noa Hoshizaki"
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Ohayo everyone.
Animated Photo

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"Team TRY3 Funny moment: Fishing"
Episode: 32 (Season 1)

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"Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z Opening (15)"
Title: "Flowers of Emotion"
Artist: "Kiryu"

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Pictures of Team Try 3 putting on their "Vangamen" costumes! XD XD XD
(Shion's face is like "How did i end up in this mess?" XD)
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"Team Try 3 transforming into 'Card Warriors Vangamen' and challenging 'Team Trinity Dragon' in the Zoo Branch Second Stage."
This moment was so funny & awesome! XD

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Lol look at Chrono staring at the dental clinic scared. XD
That place is his worst nightmare XD

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Look at +Sharlene Chen// ShārΔ«n Chen​ enjoying her ice-cream Sundae with +Jillian Chen​ & #Leon-kun. ^w^

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β–Άβ–ΆHehehe Toshi and I decided to write a story together min'na😁 He'll post it because his G+ is faster than mine, with my account we would post our story next yearπŸ˜‚β—€β—€

+Princess Emiko Suzugamori​
+Princess Of Darkness​
+Misaki_san_ Tokura​
+Princess Nozomi Tojo β²Κšβ€’AΞ·Ι‘Ξ΅ΚŸΞ΅ΡƒΞ΅Ρ•β€’Ιžβ³β€‹
+Kamui The Great​
+Aichi Sendou​
+Yuzu Hiragi​
+Yuven Tatsuya​

+Misaki Tokura​​/ +Sharlene Chen// ShārΔ«n Chen​ and I are writing a Cardfight Vanguard story togetherπŸ™Œ
It's collocate between episodes 84-85 (season 2) but there aren't just the usual characters... There are some characters from other anime + a special character who lives irl (she is the twin of our female protagonist)☝ But the real protagonists are Kai (me) and a new character who isn't from any anime, she is my bff +Misaki Tokura​​ but as her irl formπŸ˜‰ Ladies and gentlemen give your welcome to Sharon!!

A little prologue:
Sharon Grandier is a beautiful girl who lives in Japan with her older twin Lucilla, her younger brother Yurias and her parents AndrΓ¨ and Oscar (yes this two are from Lady Oscar XD) in a big detached house. Sharon and Lucilla are 17 (like Kai, Miwa etc.) and they go to Hitsue High School in Miwa and Kai's class, while Yurias is Aichi's contemporary... Miwa, Kai, Sharon and Lucilla are childhood friends because they're parents are childhood friends too so they grew up together. Sharon was Kai's girlfriend when they were little but when he went to live in an other city with his uncle they had to tell each other bye forever... But at 16 Kai returned to his city; he became colder with people, also with Sharon. She was furious with him because she needed comfort after that her Rei died for an accident (Misaki doesn't give me the permission to explain who is Rei so don't ask me anythingπŸ˜‚) and all he did when they found out to be in the same class was "mmh hi" ... Kai is still in love with her even if he don't demonstrate it but he doesn't know how to reconquer her confidence, while she wants him far far away.

During this lil holiday he will do something that will ruin more their "relationship" but he won't give up and... You'll find out what will happen reading our story😜
Idk if I can write the first part of "Episode 1" (XDDDD) today but I think maybe I will have time later or this evening

[In the pic: Sharon's family, Andrè and Oscar, Lucilla in the left, Sharon in the middle and Yurias in the right]
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