Alright, so this is a list of weapons we have so far for SoZ. Keep in mind, this list is incomplete, and feel free to make any suggestions in the comments below.
Weapons (Incomplete list):
AMT Hardballer: A .45 caliber M1911 clone. Nick's starting/signature weapon. Good stopping power, 8 round mag +1 in the chamber by default, average spread and recoil. Heavily customizable, attachments are: Silencer (You get it automatically after/during one of the missions, and keep it from then onward), Extended mag (Doubles mag capacity, 15 +1 in the chamber), Laser sight (Increases accuracy).
Judy's .38 snub revolver (Smith & Wesson Model 642):
Judy's service sidearm while she was on the force. As such, it has much sentimental value to Nick. Good stopping power, 5 round cylinder, high spread and recoil. Attachments are: Laser sight.
Beretta M9: 9MM handgun. Below- average stopping power, great accuracy and recoil. Mag size is 15+1. Attachments: Silencer, laser sight.
Glock 17: High- capacity 9MM handgun. Poor stopping power, low recoil and spread. Mag size 17+1. Attachments: Silencer, laser sight.
Desert Eagle .50AE: A .50 caliber handgun (More like handcannon, i really don't know if Nick could actually handle it), High stopping power, Mag size 7+1, High spread and recoil. No attachments.
Škorpion SA Vz. 61: Fully automatic Machine pistol, decent stopping power, 20 round mag, decent accuracy, and recoil. Rate of fire: 600 RPM. Attachments: Silencer, extended mag (30 rounds),
Folding stock (Available by default, can be switched on and off on the fly, increases accuracy and reduces recoil, but makes the weapon more cumbersome and unable to be concealed when unfolded).
MP5 Navy: Fully automatic SMG, decent stopping power, good accuracy and recoil, mag size 30+1. RoF: 750RPM. Attachments: Laser sight, silencer, Foregrip (Reduces recoil).
MP7: Full auto SMG, below average stopping power, decent spread and recoil. Mag size 40+1, RoF: 900 RPM. Attachments: Silencer, Laser sight, folding grip & collapsible stock (Default, reduces recoil & spread, can be switched on & off on the fly, unconcealable while on).
P90: Full auto high-capacity SMG, poor stopping power, good accuracy and recoil. Mag size 50+1. RoF: 850 RPM. No attachments.
UMP 45: .45 caliber SMG. Great stopping power, high spread and recoil. Mag size: 25+1. RoF: 625 RPM. Attachments: laser sight, foregrip, silencer.
AKS-74U: Full auto carbine, Good stopping power, accuracy and recoil. Mag size 30+1. RoF: 650 RPM. No attachments.
G36C: Full auto carbine, average stopping power, accuracy and recoil. Mag size 30+1. Rof: 750RPM. Attachments: Silencer, dual mags (G36 mags have the ability to clip onto each other, reducing reload time), foregrip.
M4 Carbine: 3 round burst carbine. Average stopping power, great accuracy and recoil. Mag size 30+1. RoF: 800 RPM (This is hindered by its burst delay, though). Attachments: Silencer, foregrip, ACOG sight (Increases magnification when zooming in, used for longer ranged engagements).
FAMAS: Full auto Assault rifle. Average stopping power, High spread and recoil. Mag size 30+1. RoF: 1,000 RPM. attachments: Silencer.
SCAR-H (CQB variant): Full auto short-barreled Assault rifle. Great Stopping power (Among the best), High spread and recoil (Due to it's heavy 7.62x 51MM round. This is pretty much the most Nick can handle). Mag size 20+1. RoF: 600 RPM. No attachments.
Ithaca 37: 12 gauge pump-action shotgun. 6 shells. Can be loaded with a variety of ammunition, including Buckshot, Slug, Dragon's Breath incendiary, and even non-lethal beanbag! (There are going to be ways to take down enemies non-lethally, I'll explain later)
SPAS-12: Semi auto 12 gauge shotgun. 8 shells. Can be loaded with the same ammo as explained above.
M79 Thumper (AKA, the "Bloop tube"): 40MM Breech-loading grenade launcher ('Cause why the fuck not? :D).
Taser X26 CEW: Non- lethal taser. used to non-lethally incapacitate enemies.
McMillan CS5: Collapsible 7.62X51MM bolt-action sniper rifle with an integrated silencer.
Ruger Mini-14: Semi-automatic rifle chambered in .223/5.56 NATO ammunition. Great accuracy, controllable recoil, average stopping power. Mag size: 20+1. Attachments: Silencer, ACOG scope.
.357 Magnum: Nick’s revolver back from his hustling days. Great stopping power, good accuracy, high recoil and spread when fired rapidly. Holds 6 shots, with each shell being loaded individually when being reloaded. No attachments.
Thompson: Historic .45 ACP submachine gun. 600 RPM, Great damage at close range, high recoil and spread. 20 round magazine.
20 gauge Double-barrel shotgun: Double barreled shotgun, effective at close range. Can be sawed-off in order to increase concealability. Holds 2 shells.
Tranquilizer pistol: ZPD tranquilizer gun, single shot, non-lethal. The drug takes longer to come into effect when used on larger mammals.
TEC-9: Full-auto 9mm machine pistol. 600 RPM. Effective at close range. Manageable recoil, but high spread. Mag size: 32 rounds. Attachments: Silencer
Melee weapons:
Switchblade Knife
Baseball bat
Collapsible baton
Brass knuckles

Alright, so I've come up with an idea for a mission. It will be a ZPD side mission, here are the details. (it is completely optional BTW) The mission concept is Nick has to rescue a hostage from a predator superiority group that plan to execute them. There are three ways to complete this mission, two stealthy, one not. The first way, is to stealthy work your way around the base without being caught using the game's stealth mechanics, non-lethally taking out anyone that spots you, freeing the hostage, and navigating your way to the exit with them, there being multiple ways to escape. (EX: vents) The second way is also stealthy, that being non-lethally taking out a fox group member, (if you shoot them, blood stains and a bullet hole would lead other group members to be suspicious) stealing their uniform and using it to get to the hostage without being suspicious. You would then free the hostage, and sneak out without being seen. (the same ways as the before mentioned mission) The last way, or the "badass way" as I like to call it, would to simply shoot your way through the group, killing them all, and simply walking out with the hostage. Here are some of the smaller details too. (because why not? I also worked on these with +Isaac Babcock over Hangouts.) The group, while mostly consisting of more menacing threats for someone Nick's size, (ex: wolves, big cats, etc.) also has some smaller predators which shouldn't be much of a challenge. (like like the before-mentioned fox member) The species of the hostage, while undecided, could be some type of pig or boar. The uniform could be some type of camo (shirts and pants) with maybe a gas mask, (because why the fuck not) making them immune to gas grenades if we ever decide to add them. Their weapons of choice would be common for most criminals, things like AKs, Uzis, shotguns and pistols of all different types. Comment down below if you think I should change anything, remove anything, or add anything. And I also had the idea for two different systems, tell me if you want to hear them.

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Guys, I've got it. I've created the logo for "Streets of Zootopia." Tell me what you think.

There is one thing I'm concerned about with "Streets of Zootopia." Since Zootopia is a children's movie, and "Streets of Zootopia" is probably going to be rated M, what if a little kid stumbles across it and goes to play it? That would be bad.

Alright, so I am working on the logo for Streets of Zootopia. "Streets of" will be in the GTA title font, and "Zootopia" will be in its title font. Sound good?

+Some Random Fox on the Internet​ While we are on the topic of the title, who did you commission for the cover art?
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