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Welcome to all of our new members. Let me remind everyone to read the community rules, no more than one post per day and it has to be related to missions.

Thank you!

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A todos los hermanos, un buen día; comparte con todos la continuación de la serie "Cristianismo y Liberalismo", en el blog "JESÚS CRISTO, ESPERANZA NUESTRA"; que Dios bendiga la lectura de los hermanos.
Serie de estudios "Cristianismo y Liberalismo" - parte 6
Serie de estudios "Cristianismo y Liberalismo" - parte 6

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Hi everyone! Thank you for welcoming me into the community! Since this is Thursday I wanted to post a little TBT - Women's Conference 2017, Matanzas Cuba.
In April of 2017 our ministry team was able to organize and hold a three-day women’s conference in Cuba. The conference addressed a lack of available information and training on key issues to women, such as raising children, women’s health and stress management. More than 100 Cuban women were able to attend the conference which was provided 100 % free of charge to all attendees.
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Hello, I am new to this group and thank you for allowing me to join. In 2010 my husband Barry and I went and worked at Kalene Mission Hospital in Zambia, Africa. I worked as a midwife and Barry worked as a maintenance person around the mission and at the hospital. I felt led to write a book about my experiences as a midwife there and it has been released now. It is an interesting read for anyone wanting to do mission work or wanting to know what it is like living and working in Africa especially as a nurse or a midwife. If anyone is interested in reading the link and cover are below.



Im looking to get in touch with English speakers who are apart of the Church in Vietnam. I’ll be right outside of Ho Chi Minh doing missionary work in November for 6 weeks. If you live there or know someone who does that I could connect with while I’m there that would be a blessing.


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Last night we had six residents from the apartment building join our 3/3 group. What beautiful people. On top of that, a possible person of peace (Luke10) has been identified who might open doors for us within this building as well as a neighboring apartment complex; I watched a resident who seemed to oppose our ministry immediately change from having an angry attitude towards me to asking me questions about God for at least 30 minutes after our meeting; and an English class for a group of Ukranian people might be starting in the building, led by another member of our team.

God wants to reach the least, the last and the lost.

Simple things grow. Simple things multiply.

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Find an Advance Conference in your area at
The Voice of the Martyrs Advance Conference
The Voice of the Martyrs Advance Conference

We started a 3/3 group (discipleship training and multiplication) in the community room of a friend's apartment building on Sunday. Many of the residents are isolated, lonely and suffer from mental and emotional issues. Besides my friend, two women from the building showed up and we had a great time getting to know them, and discipling them.
Last night, I attended a banjo concert at the apartment building, where I met several other people. What a blast! I believe God has a plan for this place.

Praise the Lord. ,
Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and savior jesus Christ. Our gospel with church ministry is doing well among the under privileged people in unreached villages Rajasthan in India. Eny body else redy to Donate for this poverty peoples and Ministry in India. Contact me. EMAIL.
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