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This is a report I did on wolves fro school

By Jamie

I think wolves are interesting creatures. I’ve always wanted to know what wolves eat and how they  hunt. This paper will show what I learned in my research.      

Wolves are carnivores, which means they are meat eaters. They will usually eat meat but they will also eat earthworms, berries and grasshoppers. They eat meat such as deer, bears, moose, ox and other animals. To avoid using much of their energy wolves, prey on weaker animals of a herd, such as the old, young, or sick. Wolves will also eat carrion, which is the flesh of a dead and decaying animal. Wolves eat their food quickly to keep it from being stolen. Wolves also eat the best parts of their meat, hide the rest in snow or icy soil, and then come back later to eat the remainder of the meat. They cannot afford to be wasteful since finding food is not always successful. Their bodies are designed to handle feast or famine.

Wolves have to hunt for their food. When wolves hunt they detect prey by their scent or tracks. In winter, to save energy, they follow an animal’s track. Wolves are nocturnal, which means they hunt at evening or night. Wolves also hunt quietly. They search for prey and sneak up on one they have spotted, and attack. Then all the wolves in the pack start eating. The Alpha eats first. An Alpha is the leader of the pack. If the wolf’s prey runs away it will chase it for miles. Once the prey gets tired, the wolf can then attack it and eat it.

A wolf can live in many different places, such as forests, swampy areas, deserts, arctic areas and tundras. Wolves live mostly in Alaska, Idaho, Michigan and the arctic area. There are many different types of wolves for all the different habitats. An Arctic wolf lives in the arctic area, a Red wolf lives on the East Coast of the  United States, an Indian wolf lives in India and the Mexican wolf is found in the Sonoran Desert. Before humans took over the earth, there were a lot of wolves in  North America, Europe, Alaska and Canada. Now the number of wolves in those places is not even close to the number before.

Wolves are great at surviving. The way they eat, hunt and live shows this.
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