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Sorry it has taken me so long to join, I'm trying to balance a lot of things right now but thank you for all the continued support, especially to that annoying guy on that video 😂 You guys are the best and it warms my heart to read what you have written, especially when I've been getting savage to people complaining in the comments tonight (it's been a long day)! Anyways I love you guys, have a good night, ima be editing and then sleeping as I have an early lecture tomorrow and coursework to complete xx

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YAY! cutie. Hope she puts monster hunter on her youtube channel. Fun watch game.

Hi Guys!! HRU All?

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Hello all including alyce:D

Best boss in the entire Souls series? And go XD

Everyone take good care of yourselves and the community :) I will be gone for a long time, but will be back before the April of 2017!

A stream is going on people! Everyone join :D

Alyce is streaming in 10 minutes! :D

Alyce is streaming right now everybody tune in! :D
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