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My work, a preview for our Kickstarter. It's a Pthfinder based fantasy ship inspired by Spelljammer. Expansions to this are possible down the line, but only if we fund in the first place. 4 DAYS LEFT! 86% Funded!

Download the free ship and if you like it please consider supporting us at this most vital stage as we close in on the deadline. Pathfinder RPG needs a planar metropolis of it's own with a starport that jumps off into fantasy space!

I mean just look at this array of eldritch dementia on display:

14 Planar Organizations! 7 City Districts! 7 Classes! 7 Races! 7 Great Enemies! Seven Chapters of Planar Awesome!

Lovingly developed amid mad scientist level cackling by yours truly, Kate Baker, Clinton Boomer, Savannah Broadway, Robert Brookes, Liz Courts, Robert N Emerson, Erik Frankhouse Scott Gladstein, Sasha Hall, Ehn Jolly, Isabelle Lee, Ron Lundeen, Colin McComb, Richard Moore, Andrew Mullen, Jessica Redekopca , David Ross, Michael Sayre, Endzeitgeist Sigurðr, Todd Stewart, Brian Suskind, and Christen N Sowards - Expanding our Unity in the City of Seven Seraphs! #Co7S #PlanarAdventures #MetaGM #FullReveal

Following the Law of Owen KC Stephens:
Kickstarter Here:…/city-of-seven-seraphs-a-plan…/

Free Coinspinner Preview Here:…/City-of-7-Seraphs--Coinspinner-Prev…

Free Orchard District Preview Here:…/City-of-7-Seraphs%E2%80%93Orchard-D…

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Since some of the mecha designs I'm doing has a distinctly animal-inspired design, when contemplating doing a Medium Quadruped Zoomorphic mecha design, I thought it was only natural that I'd do a blue dragon mecha, especially blue considering plasma weapons are hardly different from electrical damage. This mecha has a heavy plasma cannon in it's mouth, and can use it's head/bite/neck as a melee slam attack. On each forearm is mounted a small missile battery, and it's prehensile tail has a light plasma gun at the end, and it too can be used for a melee light slam attack. This mecha does not walk, though, all it's lower legs are thrusters, so this mecha flies low to the ground, using the wing turbo props for maneuverability - this mecha has speed of 3 hexes.. enjoy!

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Here is my 2nd attempt - the 'Rayken'


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Hi thanks for the join - I just made my first spelljammer ship map after being encouraged by +David Shepheard to take an interest in the genre. Here it is: when I do new things I try and research them to understand how they should look - to capture the spirit of the thing, so i also wrote a description based on what I understood.

"Constructed of Alpha-Kindori bone for Stabilization, a Stone Deck for Ballast and an Organic and Adamantine Elongated Hull.

The Octocuda is an extremely fast cargo- ship. It features thick tendrils that double as tunnels to and from the Hexen Buildings nestled on its Prow and Rear Aft and Port sides, as well as clamps that can quickly dock and undock these Hexen structures allowing it to load and unload transport rapidly or modify itself into other forms of ship - this includes adding weaponry to the Hull by simply slotting in new variants.

The tentacles are also capable of going 'inert' relaxing their coiled bulk and trailing out behind the ship and along its elongated body for added velocity.

An elegant design by Illithid Shipwrights that balances strength and speed. It is considered a HUGE ship at 45 tons. A stone throne room adorns the centre - however in the event of an attack, crew may retreat into the adamantine 'Cuda' which forms a second alternate ship that can jettison the 'Octo' sections if need be to make an extremely nimble getaway - which sections assist with an exposive thrust of their tentacles as they are let go. In addition the Outer Carcass as its known spins and whirls confusing pursuers, tangling them and or acting as a decoy while the faster slimmer 'Cuda' gets away safely.

Since the aim of the Illithids Cargo Route it to get from A-B as quikcly as possible - the Octocuda features a moderate amount of rigging which makes manouervability an issue - but as its primary function is to go forward as quickly as possible, and its outer rigging is detachable for a quick escape - this is generally not problematic."

I do have a question though. I am aware of the Phlogiston and researched it - but I am still no wiser as to whether I should put a flame or electricity or maybe shimmering blue sparks out of the back of the Octo-coil for propulsion? This is probably the oddest ship type I have made so far as its not sci-fi but its not just fantasy, it has tech of a sort and it was quite the challenge...

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Breaking news: Google is shutting down Google+. Hundreds if not thousands of RPG communities will be affected:

+The Piazza is extending an open invitation to communities that might be deleted.
Breaking news: Google is shutting down Google+. Hundreds if not thousands of RPG communities will be affected:

The Piazza is extending an open invitation to communities that might be deleted.

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Another option is MeWe, an ad free tracking free free speech version of FB with stronger chat features:

I've been thinking about adapting Against the Giants for my next 5E Spelljammer campaign. Each of the giant lairs would be on a different planetoid (or something), and the conspiracy would be run by void giants working for a void dragon (from Kobold Press's Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex) rather than drow working for Lloth.

Steading of the Hill Giant Chief
The steading is on an asteroid in The Grinder (in Greyspace).

Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
The glacial rift is on comet and the giants.

Halls of the Fire Giant King
The halls are on a moon of Liga (the Sun), a fiery, molten world.

I'd probably change up the giant types a bit to make them fit more with the Spelljamming theme, and I'd have to come up with defenses that would prevent the PCs from just bombarding the various lairs from the air.

I'm just sort of brainstorming at this point since I'm currently runningTomb of Annihilation and I plan to take a break from D&D to run something else before I bring back the Spelljammer characters from the last campaign.

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I got around to finally slapping together a spreadsheet to assist me in keeping track of the Party's debt to the bank. They think they have made a significant dent in the amount owed. They still don't have enough to even cover the insurance deductible should the ship be destroyed.

So far it seems to me that the big bad villain is really the bank!

My favorite quote from the Wednesday night 5e Spelljammer D&D game is, "Did you just say, 'Escrow Account' in a D&D Game?!" This was in reference to making a payment to the bank that the ship was financed from.
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