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In the processing of automobile, various material surface treatment technology is becoming more and more important in order to insure good appearance and inner quality of automotive. 

With the deepening of the trend of plastic instead of steel, this technology is causing car manufacturers’extension concern and attention. The information from automobile and accessories manufacturers show that the low temperature plasma surface treatment on all kinds of automobile accessories is the most ideal treatment technology. It can online process and get outstanding treatment effect with the features of low cost, energy conservation, environmental protection and monitoring. It has already been paid high attention and welcomed by automobile and parts manufacturers and research institutions all over the world. So this low temperature plasma processing equipment has been widely used in car lights, all kinds of rubber seals, windshield, interior, brake block, wiper, oil seal, dashboard, airbags, bumper, antenna, engine seal, tyre, GPS, DVD, instruments and sensors.
We are honoured to supply this advanced plasma cleaner.
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