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I have a question and it's bothering me......
Who would top Mark or Jack what do you guys think.
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"Please, anyone, I bored-
Punk was walking through the forest, listening to the birds cherping. He took deep breathes and enjoyed the fresh air while walking.

Everything is allowed

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What's up I'm dark Nice to meet you

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"Name: Punksepticeye"
"Age: 26"
"Demon Stone: Angel"
"Powers/Abilities: Summoning black feathered wings, shooting razor-sharp feathers from his wings. The fest is unknown to him. He currently tries to find more powers."
"Gender: male"
"Bio: Punk is an ego Jack's and sibling of the other Septiceyes. There isn't much known about his Bio."

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Hey,guys!What's up?

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Punk would be walking around the area of the forest, humming softly to himself.

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Name: "∆ΠT| "Angus" M¢\0UGH\|Π"
Age: "17"
Demon stone: "Glitch Stone"
Powers: "Teleportation, Shape-Shift, Electrokenesis Control Over Electricity, Pyrokenesis Control Over Fire ,Hydrokenesis Control Of Water , Blood Magic, Other UnKnown Magic"
Mate: "None"
Abilities: "InHuman Abilities: Strength, Sight, Sound, Vision, Speed"
Gender: "Male"
Parents: "UnKnown"
Bio: "I Come From The Deepest Pit Of Yer Mind. Where All Yer Fears Linger And Loathe~ I Am The One People Are Afraid Of~ Ye Can't Get Rid Of Me....I Am Eternal Always~"

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thanks of the invite

Name: Glitch Seàn McLoughlin.
Age: 18.
Demon Stone: Glitch Stone.
Powers: Teleportation and Healing.
Mate: The one I thought was my mate already has another.
Abilities: Healing, Demon abilities, Teleportation, Controlling fire, and his hair and eye change color with his emotions.
Gender: Male.
Parents: Antisepticeye and ???.
Bio: The adopted son of Antisepticeye.....doesn't know much else about his past.
Trusts: +Dark/Mark Fischbach, his dad (Anti/me), and slightly +the king of darkness.
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