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I was putting my necklace on. I was on my way to the store. I shifted to my human. I was almost at the store when I got pulled into the bushes. I didn't know who it was. I felt a needle in my neck. After a couple of hours I woke up. I was tried to a chair. I saw a figure coming towards me. I saw that his hair was a dark green. He had a knife in his hand. My feet were tied together while my arms were tied to the arms of the chair. I had a piece of cloth around my mouth. He told me. Well, it seems like ur awake. We should get started. My name's Anti. I already know who u are, Dark won't stop talking about u. He walked so that he was right behind me. He placed the knife on my neck. (U can join but u have to be Anti. No need to ask me just say that ur Anti but I'm Artic.)

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Approved since I am one of two owners
Name: Artic
Age: ????
Demon stone: Dark's stone
Powers: able to shift and has Dark's powers
Mate: Dark
Abilities: has Dark's abilities
Gender: female
Parents: dead
Bio: I was walking when I bumped into Dark. He asked if I would be his mate. I told him sure. He got everything I owned and took it to his house. I was happy. But my two horses weren't. Feather and Ice are their names. I'm also Werewolf. 
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