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does anyone know how I can download the windows version of this software??
I use windows 10. Thanks

I'm using the Windows 64 bit .exe from the mediafire link posted in May 2017, but when I open a project I only get as far as "Rendering preview images" before it crashes.

Any suggestions? I have set the path to ffmpeg.exe.

Is there an later/earlier .exe available to download somewhere?

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First Super Slow-Mo Montage with my Galaxy S9. Would love feedback.

Hello people,
I have No idea how to compile. So if someone will be so kind and send me an .exe for this software. I really need the .exe of the latest 0.5 updated code. Please and Thank you.

The one in mediafire opens fine and i have dropped markers and adjusted them where i need them. As soon as i click render, program shutsdown without anything. I have to go and kill it from the TM.
No output video file is created.
Did try to run it as admin and also changed processing modes from gpu to cpu in pref.

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Experimenting 960fps with the Galaxy S9.

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I used this tuto to install slowmovideo. But...
Everything is ok until I write the command "apt-get -f install", so slowmovideo is deleted... so logicality it don't work!... some help?

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Slow motion video

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