Sorry guys I am struggling to get this up and running.

1. I have downloaded the zip and extracted.
2. I have installed ffmpeg. I'm running Windows 7 64bit so I assume I needed to down the 64bit version. I have also tried the 64bit windows slowmo version at mediafire.
3. I have opened the program successfully.
4. I start a new project
5. Select a new output folder.
6. Choose a source file.
7. But it doesn't do anything and I can't select okay - only abort.
8. What types of videos are supported? MOV, H264, MPEG2, MPEG4?
9. I have searched for the answer but can't seem to find it.
10. I have tried inputting images too. It loads a series of JPEGS into the image box but then the Okay button is still greyed out.

Windows 7 64bit 8GB RAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 870M - 6.0GB DDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 11

I don't know if this community is still active.. but here's hoping! Whenever I try to render I get "error code 3, unable to prepare video." I've been looking around but can't find anyone with the same problem or even know what error code 3 is. Any help would be much appreciated.

I am on Windows and want to use this programme, but I don't know where to start: The download on the project website (not the git) says that the newest available version is 3.1, however, if I go onto the git, in the tags section the newest version seems to be 0.5. I've also seen that you have to compile the project to make it work. What's up with that? What am I supposed to do? This question might seem a little bit noobish, but I haven't found any coherent step by step tutorial for Windows. Can anyone help?

when i try to start a new project and select the video that i want it comes up with ffmpeg/avcon executable not found how do i fix this please!!??

I use SlomoVideo-0.5 on LinuxMint-18.1 to create a stretched timelapse made of 70 DSLR consecutive photos. Setup and rendering seems to work nice, takes some minutes, raises the CPU usage and fan speed significantly - but at the end:


There is no error message, nothing. There is simply no file output, no result, nothing.

What can I do?

Hello dear Friends,

i started slowmoRenderer, the CLI of slowmoVideo under debian 8 (jessie) with the following command:

slowmoRenderer -target video 110th_cut_slow.mp4 auto -input video 110th_cut.mp4 -slowfactor .83333333333 -start :start -end :end -interpolation twoway2 -size orig

and then i got more and more surprised:

1. slowmoVideo extracted nearly 100,000 PNG-Files, 1 PNG file per frame, i believe. This took about 60GB of hard disk space.
2. The renderer began to calculate the optical flow, etc and then stopped after round about 6,700 frames, because the 160GB hard disk was full.

Before i'm going to get more diskspace i would like to ask you, whether there is a possibility to tell the renderer that he should render the file in a kind of "on the fly"?

I mean, is there a possibility already implemented to tell him that he should decode 1,000 frames, process them and put them out.
Then delete, what is not longer needed, process the next 1,000 frames and add the encoded result to the target ... and so on ...?

Thank you very much for your help and hints,


Hello dear friends,

I'm on the way to build the actual slowmoVideo project, preferably the CLI tool on Windows 7 x64.

Puuuh, I knew it:
This is a time consuming job, if you are new in developing and compiling software that finally runs under windows.

Even after the help of Valery, who pointed me to the ideal starting point in the github slowmoVideo wiki, it took a while to clarify the very first point:

1. install mingw/msys idealy in 64 bits

I know now that it is good to focus on MSYS2 and within the MSYS2 package to focus on the Mingw64 environment and shell.

On my way in gathering information about mingw/msys, i also detected the Qt crossplatform development framework and the spoke about mingw/msys, too.

And when I'm going to build slowmoVideo under windows 7 and installed the necessary packages for developments within the MINGW64 shell (one part of MSYS2), the next step is to download and compile Qt4.

My question now for the community is whether slowmoVideo for sure needs Qt4 or if it runs also if Qt5 is installed?

Does anyone have experience in this direction?

Thank you very much for your attention,


Hello dear friends,

i tried to use the commandline tool slowmoRenderer.exe on a windows 7 professional x64 with an Intel Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM.

There is a "Command Line Examples" on github documentation which says:

# To make a video 5x slower:
> /usr/local/bin/slowmoRenderer -target video /root/timelapse/test.mp4 auto -input video /root/timelapse/timelapse.mp4 -slowfactor .2 -start :start -end :end -interpolation twoway2 -size orig

Hence I try to slow down a video by 10%, i tried this command:

slowmoRenderer -target video 110th_cut_slow.mp4 auto -input video 110th_cut.mp4 -slowfactor .893 -start :start -end :end -interpolation twoway2 -size orig

I can do what I want, but the program always crashes at startup, saying:

Cannot read file "-target"
"Cannot read from file -target. (Opening in read-only mode failed.)"
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Error'

Why does the slowmoRenderer.exe want to open the target (i think that this is the OUTPUT-File?) in read-only mode?

Has anyone of you experience with this commandline tool slowmoRenderer.exe?

Help would greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance,


Why does the Windows download include some of the .EXEs twice?

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