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Accepting Request for version 5.2 now. All Approved 5.1 request were removed and put on our ToDo Lists now so we have a fresh slate now for 5.2.

First make sure you idea wasn't already recently added or marked as coming soon here

If not, your job is to present your feature request and case in a way to rally others to +1 it. The more excitement you generate the better chance to get it in the program. Everyone thinks they have the one features that everyone else will also want. Let's see how good you are. 8)

How it Works:
The Features with the most votes get pushed up the priority list.
This is a 100% Public Community so lobby all your buddies to come say why they want the feature also. Comments why someone will also want the same feature will be worth more then simple +1's in my points system...hehe

Good luck on your ideas!


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Rebuild indices working on server databases, please! :-)

I really prefer Referenced Tag than Tag. But Referenced Tag has a keystroke instead of a simple "one key" shortcut. Is it possible to assign to a letter (for example Y that is near to T) or similiar solution. For example I found SHIFT+T faster than CMD+T. Now SHIFT-T is for Thesaurus that I don't need really as often as REF Tag

It could be great to see which data is only in the db and which data is written in the metadata of the file. So it is easier to manage burn in metadata panel

What about Ambisonic monitoring? I already have some ambisonic libraries in different formats and should be great to monitor properly from BH, do you think?

There are those 2 features that would be cool in BH 5.2:
- Having the channels' name displayed in the waveform pane / window just near each of the corresponding actual waveforms.
- Having Basehead automatically selecting all the channels of deinterleaved multichannel tracks when you select just one of these tracks (at least when you monitor through Basehead)

I'm thinking of this situation when you're handling production sound / slates and channels are named according to the mics: boom, mix, character A, character B,...
To optimise the workflow, I usually deinterleave the slates to get them conformed to the picture edit afterwards.

You can have the channels' displayed in the entry list pane in BH when you set the column info, but it would be convenient to have it displayed in the waveform window directly near each corresponding waveform.
Also, having BH populating the waveform window with all of the split channels of a corresponding slate, and having them played back together (and then you can extract /solo / mute any of them) would be great.

What do you think?

Batch importing of images for a library as part of the Import/Export text process. Currently if we have images for a library, we need to import them by dragging the image onto one or more sfx entries. This is a pain if we have dozens of sounds, each with its own image. Having an ImageFilePath field in the text import would allow us to point the import process to our images and have them automagically added to the database.

5.2 feature request: renaming whaterver field while playing a file. At them moment it stops

A 5.1 feature that doesn't look like it made it in yet: Burn in Metadata on Changed Records only.

When importing text (to inject metadata) if a file fails it is reported as "x files failed" but there's no indication of what those files are. A dialog window reporting the files failed and potentially why would be very useful.
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