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First make sure take a look at what is coming in 5.0 so you don't request something already on the way. 8)

I probably won't be responding to this like I do on the BETA forum. I will wait till I see a feature get +1'd a bunch of times with comments and I will then jump in then and discuss it and post when it will go into production. If it's already slated for future I will jump in also.

Your job is to present your feature request and case in a way to rally others to +1 it. The more excitement you generate the better chance to get it in the program. Everyone thinks they have the one features that everyone else will also want. Let's see how good you are. 8)

How it Works:
The Features with the most votes get pushed up the priority list.
This is a 100% Public Community so lobby all your buddies to come say why they want the feature also. Comments why someone will also want the same feature will be worth more then simple +1's in my points system...hehe

I quit doing Sound Design this year to do BH full time, so honestly I really don't care what the hell goes into it anymore...hahaha
So now you guys have more control in helping steering the ship I created.
I'm not sure if putting the crazy people in charge of the insane asylum is the best idea, but let's try it out and see. ;-)

Good luck on your ideas!


Playback and import from VIDEO files - probably only in browser

Right I just had the case where I was scanning loads of family videos for sounds of the kiddos and thought - wait a minute, wouldn't it be great if I could hunt for the gems using BH?

How easy would it to integreate audio decoding from videos? The things could either be browser only and then transferred to a cool folder for use in the DB, or maybe even referenced in the DB?

Just a thought!

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Heads Up!
there will be a 48 hour flash sale this weekend for individual users that are on the Mailing List with a one item per customer discount.
If you want to pick up an upgrade to 5.x or new license, this will be the time to do it.
I'm seriously tapped out of cash trying to get 5.x for macOS finished for release since it's over 4-5 months late. It's close to done and it's soft release will come next week, but the money well has run a bit dry....haha
So this upcoming sale is to basically infuse the cash reserves, so we have the funds to move onto version 5.1 starting next week and add bunch of other cool new features.

Get on the NewsLetter here to get the sale information coming this weekend.

Thx for support the BaseHead Project!

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Also a reminder to make sure to vote on others peoples ideas on here as I will be looking at all of these posted for 5.1 feature list next week.. If you posted something here without +1-ing two other ideas also, then yours might get down voted or deleted ;-)
don't be selfish people! hehe


It would be great to have the ability to simply re-organise the order of VST plugins in the rack. I often have to delete a plugin and then add it again if I want a new plugin to fill it's position in a chain. It can be quite time consuming when trying to sound design when doing this.


Small quality of life improvement: If I drag a folder into the Results pane to begin an Import, have the "Name" field be ready to accept text from the keyboard.

LARGE Quality of life improvement: If I drag a dozen folders into the Results pane for importation, have a check box to "create multiple Imports from File Folders"

I would love the "Auto-Complete Editing" to look at individual keywords, instead of just the whole field. So e.g. if I've written color in the keywords field before, BH will make sure I do not write colour the next time


I use the pitch slider constantly when sound designing. Can we add the following functionality to the pitch slider:

1) Have the waveform view adjust according to pitch slider position?

2) Have an option key to move the sample rate slider slower (like holding command does in ProTools)?

3) Have the value be in percentage (+ or -) rather than sample rate. Also, an option to switch to semitones (+ or -) would be sweet.


Can the channel select (top left of waveform window) stay in place while scanning sounds. I often collapse stereo sounds to mono when I want a mono effect and it's annoying to have to keep hitting the mono button every time I scan to a new sound.


Having the possibility to create/modify/delete fields.

As I was asking to Steve (and he suggested I write a request here), I’d like to create a database where everyone from our audio team would be adding their sounds/music/vo after each project is done, following a specific tagging system.
In order to do so, I’d like to customize the fields (adding new ones, deleting ones we’ll never use, etc…).
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