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Hey, guys! It's Julianna here, fron Drama Club. Welcome to the BPL Drama Club Google+ community! Before you post anything, here's a few things you should know-

-Absolutely no inappropriate content or swearing!
-Try and keep the posts relevant to Drama Club!
-Please do not be mean to anyone, you may suggest things and leave comments, but please be polite in doing so!

Ex: This is rude: Omg, this totally sucks! We're DEFINITELY not doing this idea! You're horrible!
This is polite: Great idea! I like the way you think! However, maybe instead of doing that, we could also try doing....

It would be very helpful if everyone posted what they needed to post in a certain category. That way we can keep our posts organized!

Using the Shared Account:
If you use the shared account to post something, please put your name at the bottom so we know who is writing what post!

What's the purpose of using this community?
Well, using Google+ makes it much easier for us to share our ideas. It has many features, like adding polls, images, and it even allows you to link your Google Document! I'll be adding a "How-To" section to the community to show you how to use several features.

And that's all for now! Google+ will be a great way to stay in touch with each other, share ideas, ask questions, and so much more! Please feel free to leave feedback and conment! Thanks! <3

-Julianna Nunez

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Tuana's Marie Antoinette Scene

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How to Make A Poll

Hey guys! In this post, I'll be showing you how to create a poll. Polls can be used for many things. For example, I could make a poll asking people what the male character to be named. The options could be, "Carl", "Henry", "James", and "Other". Polls are very useful for getting people's opinions quickly and easily, without having to type up a comment!

Okay, first, make a new post. If you do not know how to that, be sure to check out my "Categories" post. Set it to the "Quizzes/Polls" categories. Then, type your question. Once, you're finished typing your question, hit the button that looks like a bargraph. It should be in between the link button and the location button.

After that, it should ask you to put in choices. This is where you will put in your possible answers. If I were doing the "what should the boy character be named" question, then my choices would be "Carl", "Henry", "James", and "Others". It gives you the option of adding 2 choices, but if you would like to add more, then you can press "Add Choice". The maximum amount of choices you can have is 5.

Then, put in your choices. You can even add pictures to them if you'd like, by pressing the camera button and getting them from your computer (you'd have to save the pictures to your computer beforehand). Once you finish typing in your choices, you're good to go!

If you want to check what answers people put in, you'd have to press the number of votes (ex: 54 votes) which should be blue. If you click on that, it should give you the option of selecting a choice (for example, Carl) and seeing who voted for that option and how many. You can change which option you want to look at by pressing the arrow next to the current option.

And that's all for creating a poll! Any questions or confusion, comment down below, and I will try my best to answer all your questions!

Question: What do you want to name our male character?
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How to Link a Google Document!

Hey guys! Julianna here, and today I'm going to be showing you how to link a Google Document on to your Google+ post. I'm going to be using my Allison and Carl document as an example.

Okay, so first, go to your Google Docs, and open the document that you would like to share. Then, press the blue share button all the way in the top right corner of your screen. (Please note: If you're using Google Docs from your iPhone or cellphone then it will be different! If you need help with that please comment down below) Hit the blue share button. Then, press "get shareable link". Also, please note that the default setting for links is people will only be able to view it. That means that once you share the link on Google+, the people who have the link can only view your document. But if you want them to be able to edit it, then you'd have to press the arrow next to "Anyone with the link can view" and change it to the setting you want. Whenever you are ready to share it, press "copy link".

Now, go to Google+. Following the steps in my "Categories How-To", open a post. Type whatever you need to in the post. And then, you should see a symbol right in between the camera symbol and the bar graph symbol. Press that. Then, it should ask you to "Add a Link". Paste in your link by right clicking and pressing "paste". Then, hit OK. After that, you're good to post! Now, if anyone clicks on that link, it will open up a new Google Document for them and they will be able to view/edit your post!

Guys I have an idea. Is anyone doing the french revolution?

Meeting of 7/18/17

We started drafting a plot and started combining ideas, so we could at least come up with things we wanted to include in the play. We combined Kyle's, Emily's, and my idea.

Things We Should Have:
-An evil sorceress who is secretly disguised as the History Teacher who gives them the assignment
-2 main characters (leaning towards a girl and a boy)
-The evil sorceress/teacher gives the 2 characters a text book with a note inside.
-The note allows the characters to travel back in time
-In the end, the evil sorceress/teacher reveals her identity: "I'm your History Teacher! But I'm an evil sorceress! But I'm your History Teacher! But I'm an evil sorceress!" and so on and so forth
-Bad puns and comedy

Other Important Stuff:
- Shianne is that how you spell it submitted her "Greek Mythology" scene

And that's all we did! If I missed anything, please tell me so I can include it in the post. Thank you!


Okay, so, here I'll be explaining to you what categories are, and how to use them. Currently, our community has 7 categories, not counting "All Posts". It may seem a bit confusing at first, but here's how to use them.

Well, there are many ways to do this. You could post right away, as soon as you log in to Google+, or you could go the community first, click on that category, and then post from there. I'll be explaining both ways.

First Way: Posting As Soon As You Log In:
As soon as you log in, you should see a red circle with a pencil on it somewhere on your screen. If you want to post, click on that. Then, type your post. Once your done with all you have to say, DO NOT CLICK "POST" YET. Find your username all the way at the top of the post. Next to it, there should be something like "Select an Audience", "Public", or "BPL Drama Club". If it doesn't say that, DO NOT WORRY. Click on it anyways. After that, a window should pop up, asking you to choose where you want to post it. Click "See More". Then, find BPL Drama Club, which should be under "Communities". Click that. A window may pop up, whatever it is, click "OK". Then, it will ask you to choose a category. Go ahead and choose whatever category you want to post it in. Then, click post. You're all good to go!

Second Way: Going to the community first
When you log in to Google+, click on "Communities" which should be on the left of your screen (if you're using a computer). Make sure that you are under the tab "Member" (you can change this by clicking on Member right in the middle, below the search bar). Press "BPL Drama Club". Choose the category you want to post your post in, and click on it. The category selections should be on the left of your screen. Type in your post. Find your username, there should be an arrow next to it pointing right. The arrow should be pointing to the words "BPL Drama Club". Click on it. Press "See More." Select BPL Drama Club, (if a message pops up, click "okay"), and then you should be good to go!


Characters: Have an idea for who our main character should be? This is the category for you!

Quizzes/Polls: Want to ask us a question or need advice on writing a scene? This is where you would go! (See How-To on how to create polls)

Suggestions for the Plot: Have a suggestion for how you want something to go, but don't know how to write it? Post it in this category!

Other Posts: Don't see a category that your posts fits in to? Post it on this category! (Make sure that it's still Drama Club related, though).

Questions About Drama Club: Want to ask a question like "when's our next meeting"? This category is where you should post it!

Post Your Scene Here: This is where you post any scenes that you write! (See "How to Link Google Docs".)

How-Tos and Rules: This is where you can find all the rules of the community and how to use Google+ and all the features it provides!

Drama Club Meeting Notes: Here, we post notes about the progress we made and the things we discussed during Drama Club meetings so that people who missed the meetings can catch up easily.

That's all you need to know! Feel free to ask questions if there's something you don't get!

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