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From Google’s Ad Crisis, To Failed Network Redesigns, Why Google Just Doesn’t Get It! Right now, some of the worlds biggest companies, advertising firms, major media outlets, the UK Government, and even Google's own content creators on the YouTube platform are turning against them, and after 4 years of supporting a company who's never supported us, we're beginning to understand why.

We too are done supporting a company who puts profits over people, that doesn't support those who support them the most, and that doesn't care to listen unless its their personal piggy bank that's on the line.

I've come to the realization that the company who touts the slogan "Don't Be Evil", has a really hard time practicing what they preach. 

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Here are some useful tips on how to help move toward a change and adaptability culture in your business:

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Google Opens Doors To More Transparency with Advertisers
Google is now opening the doors to allowing advertisers to receive more information about where their ads are being displayed. Google is also supplying advertisers with lists of channels in their "Preferred Advertising Program." Client firms who advertise on these channels receive reports and updates about where their ads have been placed.

Some marketing firms have also begun to employ third party services to screen the content of channels their clients ads will appear on. Marketing and Media buying firm GroupM has teamed up with the video analytics company OpenSlate to screen the content within Google's preferred advertising list.

Despite Google's reassurances to crack down on deceptive content by employing new staff, implementing updates to its terms of service and policies for the Youtube platform, as well as promise to provide more data to advertisers, companies still remain wary.

Despite promised changes, more companies have continued to drop ads from Google until they can be assured those ads wont appear next to unfavorable content.

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First Snapchat, then Instagram, and now Facebook Stories. Suffice it to say, Stories on social media are here to stay.

This past Tuesday, Facebook unveiled a series of features included in the new in-app camera. These features include filters, frames, and other special effects, all of which can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices. Furthermore, the snapshots that users take can be uploaded onto Facebook Stories – if you’re familiar with Snapchat or Instagram Stories, it more or less functions the same – for others to see.

Snapchat unveiled Stories back in 2013 and Facebook is now part of this ever-growing craze.

Have you tried Facebook Stories already?

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More Advertisers Ditching Google, YouTubers Going Broke!
YouTube News vlogger John Scarce weighs in on Google's recent ad fiasco, after reports surfaced that Google was displaying and profiting off of ads on hate speech videos. The list of advertisers ditching the tech giant has now expanded to over 250, with more jumping ship each day. Kia, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi and others are the latest to join the massive ad boycott.

Analysts are now reporting Google could lose up to $750 million dollars as a result of lost ad revenue, while YouTube content creators say their channels are dead. Meanwhile, as Google works to find a fix, other reports have surfaced that channels who don't fall into the category of hate speech say they're being unfairly targeted and demonetized as a result of recent changes regarding what Google deems to be content that isn't advertiser friendly.

Such as with the case of Matan Uziel's channel called "Real Woman, Real Stories", a channel that Uziel insists is intended to give woman suffering from hardships and real life challenges a place to voice their opinions and share their stories. Read more from the Guardian on Uziels story:

According to documentation from Google's Partner Program Policies page, it states they may demonetize content that falls in line of being quote, "Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies."

The problem is, content creators with obviously good intentions are now being targeted, as is the case with videos who's purpose is to bring awareness to issues like anorexia or suicide prevention.

All the while Google spent months demonetizing content with good intentions, they failed to take any action against the real purveyors of hate speech, including those expressing anti-semitic, homophobic, and terror related propaganda, allowing ads to continue to run on these types of videos.

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So here it is … it all starts with how to be the leader in your own life, but then extends to learning the following skills for building a great collaborative team:

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Below I’ve highlighted some brilliant companies that our research shows are great at differentiating themselves from their competition.
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