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A First Look at Kred's Upcoming Social App Crypto.Kred in Action!
Crypto.Kred is an innovative up and coming cryptocurrency based social app that's currently under development from the social influence measurement giant Kred! The platform will boast the ability to create your own branded crypto-based coins (Kred Coins) with social aspects baked-in. I've now gotten a chance to get involved during the early testing stages of this project, and have already tested the production of coins for several of our media outlets, including Strategic Social Networking!

Once the platform launches to the public, you'll be able to create your own branded coins that can be gifted, sold, and auctioned off on the new platform's open market place. Crypto.Kred presents a whole new way for businesses, marketers, and content creators across the web to promote their projects, build community, and engage with their audiences; all while adding real value to their social interactions.

This article provides an outline for what the platform is, how it works, and some tips for getting started once it launches. I'm currently working on another article for the Kred blog that better explains the many ways in which others can make use of the platform for their own initiatives, and how we're making use of it to promote our media based brands across the web.

I don't have a timeline for when the platform will launch, but we will be posting updates here in Strategic's community as things progress. For now, check out the article to learn more!

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Need to enhance your food ordering business? We provide a satisfying solution for your online food ordering that will improve excellent customer visibility as well as customers.


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Creating an Adwords campaign is easy, running an efficient and profitable campaign is much more difficult. Here are 5 simple things you can do to ensure your Google Adwords campaign is run efficiently.

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How many tools do you use to manage your business? In my latest blog post, I show you how you can save time and money managing your business: from appointment and booking calendars to CRM tools and business reporting, you’ll have everything you need to manage your business effectively, from one place. Discover how, here:

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Is 'Pay-to-Play' the future of Social Media? Read this article. #PaytoPlay #socialmedia
Are you worried about the future of social media? Do you agree that social media is turning to all pay-to-play?

Look at what these 60 professionals and marketers have to say on if the future of social media is pay to play! #PaytoPlay

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Products and services that maintain a high level of brand awareness will generate more revenue and command a greater market share.

This article explains how to use search, social media, and email marketing to increase brand awareness among your target audience.

#branding #strategy

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This is an incredibly harsh reminder of the dangers journalists face each day simply for voicing an opinion or reporting on the latest news story. Recently, the renowned Bangladeshi photographer, social activist, and journalist Shahidul Alam, was incarcerated and tortured by Bangladesh's own government. As a report from Amnesty International points out, Alam was taken into custody after he criticized the government's heavy-handed response to peaceful student protests over road safety. You can help by signing the petition demanding his release:

What's even more disheartening is the fact this is someone many of of us have gotten to personally know in recent times. I can attest in good faith Alam is a harmless human being, and what his government is doing is downright wrong.

While I could think of a million harsh words to describe Bangladesh's government right now, I'd rather hope and pray for Alam's safety.

More about this incident from Amnesty:
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