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I've been asked to do a somewhat complicated portrait shoot.  4 people, 3 racks of computers, inside a data center, for a large corporation.  I plan to light it similar to this Strobist shoot of the ATM man:

David Hobby can do stuff like this solo, I'd like to have an assistant to help with setting up the lights, especially since I'll have to light 4 people, without the light spilling onto the computers, and it's a tight space.  I also have to balance flash with ambient because the computers are on and have rows of blinkin' lights and we need to show the lights in the photo.

Now, how to write up the quote.  What would you charge for a portrait shoot like this?  It's not going to be used in advertising or in an annual report or anything like that.  I need to give a single quote that includes the shoot and post-processing to provide the deliverable (ready-to-print psd/jpeg).

Also, anyone interested in assisting?

I'm planning a portfolio shoot the weekend of March 16/17.  Please chime in on if you are interested in joining in, and if so which day is better for you.

Sorry I haven't been more active here.  I'm in the midst of a move, and I don't yet have a new place to move into.  So it's a bit stressful at the present moment!

It would be great if each of you could introduce yourself, giving an overview of your photo experience, gear, strobist experience, gear, the type(s) of photography you do, or want to do, etc.  Also, are you interested in leading a strobist type of gathering?

I'd like to do a Strobist shoot this weekend, either Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon, starting around 4 pm.  I'm flexible on which day, and could do a location in SF, in Redwood City, or Alviso.  If you one of these ideas interests you, speak up!  

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Set-up photo for the "red gun shadow" photos for the Alviso, Mr. Bond album.

Anyone interested in a Strobist style shoot Saturday 2/22?  I'm thinking of doing something late afternoon (after 4 pm) in either Alviso or Redwood City.  

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Alviso, Mr. Bond
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This community is for sharing and collaborating with other SF Bay Area Strobists, photographers who use speedlites (mostly) off-camera.  To learn more about Strobist photography, visit David Hobby's Strobist blog.  Feel free to ask questions in the Discussion category, to share Strobist style photos in the Photos category, and to share your BTS photos and info in the Behind The Scenes category.  Also feel free to post Strobist shoots and seminar info in the Events category.

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