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Planning on Establishing a US based business and apply for a business visa?

Summary requirements and supporting documents for L1 New Office application

The new office in the USA must be in operation for less than a year. It must be affiliated with the parent company abroad and be controlled by the owner of the parent company.

The petitioner must justify the sufficiency of the physical premises and ability to support the position in the new office for the manager or executive coming to the US to establish and run the company at the executive or management level. Lease agreement and photos of the office will be helpful with descriptions of the scope of the entity, organizational structure and financial goals.

Business plans must be realistic with a viable path of achieving the business objectives in the one-year period.
Explain the initial staffing structure and the continuous need for management leadership.
Provide a consistent job description of the executive and management functions of the employee.

The employee must have been continuously employed for at least 12 months with the employer in an executive/management position abroad before the application is made.

Credible Business Plan
Must show that the employee will commence immediately to execute the business plan to support the employee and operations of the business. The plan should be based on sound business principles and include the following:
Concise executive summary with a roadmap for the company
Size of US investment
Financial ability of foreign company to remunerate US executive
Organizational structure the of the foreign company
In depth description of the services offered to the public
Market opportunity, competition and research as to size of the target market
Operational plans to achieve business goals including assets to be acquired
Overview of the management and organization
Financial projections
Personnel projections with detailed job descriptions.

Success in obtaining the L1A visa depends on extensive preparation in developing the business plans and providing a clear explanation of the path to a successful affiliate office in the US.
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