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Yaksha (Japanese: ヤシャの国 Yasha Nation) is a kingdom located in southeastern Ransei.
It represents the Dark type.
Its adjacent kingdoms are Terrera, Cragspur, and Viperia. "Dark-types are cool, but I'm a little bit scared of them." -766, Kazuto.

The swamplike battlefield of Yaksha features water tiles, a Surprise Box, and Green Grass. Only Water-type Pokémon can stand on water tiles. After the message "It's Roulette time!" appears, one of the Pokémon on the field will be relocated by the Surprise Box to a room full of Treasure Boxes, from where it can only escape by entering Green Grass secret passages.

Battles fought on Yaksha's battlefield are set to a maximum of 20 turns, and victory is seized by defeating all enemies. If both armies are still standing when all 20 turns have passed, the army defending Yaksha wins the battle.

Kazuto wandered up to Yaksha, a Zorua came running up to him Hello there little one. Kazuto reached out to pet the Zorua, it looked like it was happy with Kazuto's presence.

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Name: Kazuto Uesugi
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Kingdom affiliation: Illusio
Rank: Commanding warlord
Appearance: In the picture
Personality: Calm most of the time.
Family: Kenshin Uesugi (Father)
Bio: Kazuto, son of Kenshin, was a very calm man, taking steps in battle one at a time while also keeping track of his surroundings, he also never backed down.
Pokémon: Gallade
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