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Name: Kiesha
Age: Unknown (Physically 17)
Gender: Female
Species: Fox //Kitty//
Nickname: Kiesh, Kiki
Last Name: Hill
Middle name: Wayne
Likes: Violence, Death, Hell, Demons, Devils, Darkness, Friends, Best Friends, Parents, Family, Her Fans, Other Foxes Like Her, Winning, Fighting, Blood, Triple Threat, Moebius, Killing, Flirting, Teasing, Hazen, Rain, Music, Screams Of Death
Dislikes: Good, Mobius, Freedom Fighters, Angels, Light, Losing, Angels Winning A Fight Against The Demons, Love, Nice, Kind, Cuteness, Being Called "Cute", Horrible Music
Personality: Strong, Loner, Sexy, Insane
Bio: Kiesha Can Be Moody At Times, Well... All The Time XD. But Her Secret Is: She Has A Heart, She'll Care Anytime She Wants. The Reason Why She Is Hateful Is Because She Lost Her Parents When She Was 10. Now She Couldn't Keep That Out Of Her Mind... Okay... Enjoy!

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Yo thanks fore invite man +Scourge The Hedgehog
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Thanks for the invite
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