Skacok, most léptem ide be valaki tájékoztatót adna mi is lenne ez??

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Indulhat a harc 😈

Tegye fel a kezét, aki bekerült az alpha tesztelők közé!

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Greeting Guardians!

Brace yourselves! A long post is coming!

As the end of August is here, we realize that most of you are waiting for the Alpha access and want to get in to the game as soon as possible.

We will first explain how the Alpha access will be granted. We are planning on a staged release. We will start with a small number of testers in order to gather data and logs to make sure that all functions are working as intended. Once we are satisfied with this, we will increase the number by a value that we still have to determine, each day. Our goal is to reach the 1000 promised users within 2 weeks of the initial "wave".

As you can see from the attached raw, unedited video (log-in screen was not recorded for obvious reasons), work is still needed on the visual aspects. For example, the game has two layers right now and these layers are not linked when zooming in/out. Once the 3rd (territory) layer is added, they will be linked together and the zooming will feel much more natural.

The client generates huge amounts of data right now and also drains the batter very fast. This is happening as we are logging all activities every other second. Needless to say that it would not be a viable option to do so with a large number of testers.

As we want to make sure that everything runs the way it is supposed to, we are testing the elements one by one. The schedule/deadlines for these tests are as follow:

(Dates will be added tomorrow)

- Scrap gathering in screen off mode is working as intended (Done)
- Enklave interaction via main interface (Done/pending further distance checks)
- Crafting (September 5th)
- Building up Enklaves/Brick placement (September 5th)
- Fully functional combat interface (Date to be added)
- Enklaves generate scrap over time (Date to be added)
- Collecting/Stealing scrap from Enklaves (Date to be added)
- Enklaves Create territory (Date to be added)
- Player trading (Date to be added)
- NPC/Raider camps (Date to be added)
- Home base (Date to be added)
- Chat (Date to be added)

We can not say for sure "when" all of the promised 1k users will have gained access, and how many users will get in at each stage. We plan to have most of your accounts activated by the end of September, and most likely, once we have the combat system internally tested.

Over the next week, we will be implementing several server safeguards to try and avoid crashes as the volume increases, and as a result, allow more players to have access.

While we do all this, we are also preparing a ticketing system that will allow us to handle all bug reports in a professional manner. Right now, having a limited number of testers, gives us the possibility to be in direct contact and resolve any issue very fast.

To answer "THE" question: Is there going to be a new delay?
Yes and No. Yes, there is going to be a delay of a wide scale release.
And No, because we have changed our approach and are now slowly adding players.

While we would LOVE to be able to just give the APK and "hope for the best", let us just review some numbers and explain why this would be very bad:

- So far, we had over 84.000 unique views of the G+ Enklave page.
- Almost 4000 registered users on the website
- Almost 5000 submitted Enklaves
- The last "Status Update" post was viewed by over 12.000 G+ users.

We thank you all for spreading the word about the project and generating such a huge interest for it!
We were expecting to have a few hundred people interested in the Alpha stage and back in April, planned the release based on that.

We had to adapt and constantly change our plans, increasing the budget almost 2 times so far, changing our approach from a simple "proof of concept" client to an actual game (be it with "cheap" technology for this version).

While we don't enjoy the extra time this takes, we would rather be known as working slow (true or not), than delivering a half-working game.

The added benefit is that the server code also gives us the possibility to go far beyond the initially promised 1000 activated accounts.

Our aim is to get crowd-founding for the full version (client) and be able to bring you all the awesome and unique features we envision for Enklave. Rushing things at this stage can bring everything down and we HAVE to avoid that!

We thank you again for your patience and we will keep you updated with the progress and test results. Once your access is granted (regardless of the test stage), you will be notified via e-mail and also receive a link to download the APP file from.

- The Council

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Status Update 19 August 2014

Greetings Guardians!

We tested out the first version of the PASS with a working interface today! The map colors you see here are not final. We will modify them until we get to the right combination, but for now, we based them on the comments and suggestions from this post:

The roads are too bright and will be changed for sure. The "light" gray looks good and we will most likely go with that for the rest of the map (as it also has a decay feel to it).

All screens are in-game at this point. All transitions between the screens are working fine with a small lag on a Galaxy S2 and smooth animations on any device  with specifications above that.

A lot of work is being done right now in all directions and we will try to elaborate.

- the server side is getting a lot of attention, especially with the automated scrap gathering part. We figured out a way to let players obtain increased scrap while walking/running as opposed to driving. Something that we initially considered to be reserved for the actual post-Alpha client.

- We have a new members in our team, as a freelancer (his identity will be revealed soon) and work has started on many parts of the website. You will soon have the ability to edit pending Enklaves and gain access to a profile page, improved (a lot) map for viewing and sending Enklaves and more goodies.

- We are creating a combat simulator that will allow us (and all the players that will be accepted into the Alpha) to test the values for damage and "HP". We are certain that balancing will be much faster this way, compared to actually playing with wild numbers out in the field.

The help we require right now is with the factions. We have some logo concepts and a pretty narrowed down list for the names. We will discuss this in a separate post the following days.

We can not tell you yet if we will be able to release until the end of the month or not. It all depends on what problems come up (or don't). Either way, progress is much faster and very visible now. As soon as we get more to share, we will!

Thank you again for your patience and stay tuned for more info the following days.
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A small update for the start of the week:

We have been testing the new engine over the last few days. It works as expected with a medium range device at 10% CPU load and about 100 MB of RAM usage (to be lowered). The communication is very fast, close to that of PC games. A nice improvement from the 2-2.5 seconds we were getting on the old engine that forced the delay of the release.

In addition to testing the simple client-server-client part of the engine, we also played around with the future clan system. Several users started the client at the same time and we were able to track each other over the map, in real time, as we were moving around.

The layers and textures for OpenMap have also been worked out. We did all the tests on a modified map with the capability to enable/disable street names and other elements.

We are experiencing some problems with huge data traffic. This is of no immediate concern as we identified the possible reasons and will iron them out before the release of the Alpha client.

Based on same preliminary math, the data usage in a combat of 20 players for 10 minutes (with so many at an Enklave it will be shorter) the traffic should not exceed 500 Kb.

We have now started to add the interface and functions to the new engine and will start posting screenshots by the end of the week.

In about a week, we will start approving Enklaves and we expect to have them all (about 1700 now) processed the week after.

We still don't have a new release date, but we will know more by the end of the week.

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After trying to turn this on all sides, a few guidelines became clear in regard to the faction names...

1. The name has to be a word that can be translated in any language.
2. The name must clearly and immediately represent the ideology of that faction.
3. While actually representing clear political views, the faction names must not be associated with any current political system.

So the choices are these:

Green - Gaians / Out of many cultural sources (both Mythology and Sfi-Fi) the concept of "Gaia" is linked to the Earth as a super-organism with the whole biosphere, humans included, part of it. It is a name that represents the concept of unity and hive mind the best...

Red - Rebels / Rebel is a generic term associated with anything and anyone that fights against a system. There is a trick in this case, as the rebels are actually conservatives, rejecting any master-plan and willing to fight in order to preserve the "old ways".

Blue - Architects / Mapping out, organizing and calculating every move in order to bring humanity to a point of individual, self-determination without the need of "leaders" Administrative functions would be done by machines in a clear, calculated manner.

How does it sound? Go/no go? We can change the names later, but it would be nice to keep them in a final form as the logos for each faction would be linked to the names.

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We are sadly going to have a small delay with the release. We can not specify exactly at this time how much longer it will take, but we are "hoping" that no more then 7-10 days from the initial estimate.

While we are trying to bring the game to life with a shoe-string budget, there are various technical improvisations we need to do. One of them that has to do with client-server communication proved to be too slow for the real-time PVP we want to center the game around. As a result, that part has to be worked on for a while longer.

The elements that the Alpha will have for sure at release are:

- Crafting.
- Enklave construction (upgrade/brick placement).
- Full combat support (multiple players at an Enklave at the same time)
- Camps
- XP/Level gaining.

What we are aiming to have at release. If these don't make it at that point, expect them within the month.

- Trading
- Home Base (Storage and Resource gathering)
- Territory control of the Enklaves
- Tactical Map
- Chat
- Scrap Gathering mode (in screen off mode, you would gather scrap as you move around the world)

Other features and elements that have been advertised already and WILL make it into the game will start to be added once the above are bug-free and balanced out.

Don't forget to register for the chance to get an Alpha Key at

Elkezdték elfogadni az enklávékat. Az még nem világos, hogy mi alapján kerül/nem kerül be egy helyszín ami azonban biztos, hogy szavazni kell rájuk. Egyelőre elég kevés van az országban ahhoz, hogy ne lehetne mindet végigkattintani :)
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